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Big Brother geared itself up for another blindside during week four after the Leftovers plotted Ameerah Jones’ demise the previous week. Unfortunately, a shocking live vote two weeks in a row might be too good to be true. But stranger things have happened in the Big Brother house, and this cast is full of surprises. Read on for a recap of the Big Brother 24 spoilers from the third eviction of the summer.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother 24 Episode 13.]

According to 'Big Brother 24' spoilers, Nicole Layog and Taylor Hale are on the block during week four. The two houseguests sit in the elimination chairs. Nicole wears a gray hoodie and orange pants. Taylor wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt and gray pants.
Nicole Layog and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

A recap of Nicole’s campaign to stay in ‘Big Brother 24’

The Leftovers hitched a plan to get Alyssa Snider out instead of Nicole Layog in Big Brother 24. They wanted Alyssa’s Festie Bestie to join Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes’s group to secure their alliance’s safety in week five.

The plan went into motion on the morning of the Power of Veto ceremony. Head of Household Monte Taylor conveyed to Nicole and Daniel Durston that she wouldn’t have the votes to stay if she was on the block beside Taylor Hale on eviction night. But the dynamic duo decided that Daniel should definitely use the POV on Alyssa and Indy Santos so that Taylor and Nicole could be nominated.

Daniel and Nicole were convinced that Taylor would finally go home. But they are just victims of self-sabotage. Big Brother 24 spoilers indicated that Nicole would go home no matter what on Aug. 4. But that didn’t stop her from campaigning to stay.

Daniel and Nicole figured out that Monte, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Joseph Abdin, and Matthew Turner were working together. But they failed to realize that Kyle Capener was with them, and they spilled all of their secrets to him. Nicole also told Alyssa, Indy, and Jasmine Davis that she used to be a cop. Lips were loose in this episode.

The Leftovers wanted the vote to be as unanimous as possible to avoid exposing their alliance. So Monte informed Jasmine that Nicole told him she would go after the girls if she stayed (which she did tell him). Jasmine then reported back to Alyssa and Indy, who remained undecided on how they would vote.

Elsewhere in the Big Brother 24 episode, Kyle and Alyssa finally kissed (while Daniel was sleeping a couple of beds over).

Taylor calls Nicole out during her speech

When it came time for the houseguests to vote, Taylor did not hold back. Fans who kept up with Big Brother 24 spoilers and the live feeds had already heard parts of her plea to stay. But it was even more iconic during the live show.

Taylor said:

“Nicole, to quote a Big Brother superfan, Rihanna, ‘You look so dumb right now.’ Choosing me as your Festie Bestie, you thought was your security blanket, but here you are, both of us sitting on the chopping block because of your closest ally in the house who thought that you would still be safe. To the houseguests, if you keep me in this game, you’ve always understood where I stand. I’ve never covered any tracks. I’ve never tried to misguide or mislead any of you. If you keep Nicole, you’ll have someone that thinks that they can manipulate your game and wrap you around their finger to get what they need. It’s not the game I choose to play. Moving forward, you will always know where I stand. I love you all, including you, Nicole. And I wish everyone here the best.”

Big Brother 24 spoiler alert: In a vote of 9-1, Nicole was evicted from the Big Brother house. Daniel was the only one who voted for Nicole to stay.


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Julie Chen Moonves interviews Nicole following her eviction in ‘Big Brother 24’

After Nicole exited Big Brother 24, she met host Julie Chen Moonves onstage. Julie asked about Taylor’s speech, which Nicole called “amazing and comical.” A far cry from how she talked about Taylor in the house.

As for why Nicole agreed to put herself on the block, the evicted houseguest reaffirmed that she thought she had the numbers. And she ultimately believed that Monte was the reason why she was sent packing. Julie then revealed the Leftovers alliance to Nicole. She claimed that she was not surprised they existed but that Kyle’s participation eluded her for a long time.

Taylor later joined Alyssa and Indy’s Festie Bestie group before the summer’s fifth HOH competition.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Sunday, Aug. 7, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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