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The Big Brother 24 houseguests have entered the competition’s jury phase, which means that the summer just got a lot more interesting. Taylor Hale won the week six Head of Household competition and set her targets on Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos. And in tonight’s Aug. 18 live eviction episode, one of them will be sent packing. But according to Big Brother 24 spoilers, one twist will radically change the course of the game.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother 24 Episode 19.]

Terrance Higgins, Taylor Hale, and Indy Santos compete in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, and according to spoilers, either Terrance or Indy will leave the house on Aug. 18. Terrance wears a blue tie dye shirt and jeans. Taylor wears a pink robe over a light blue nightgown. Indy wears a black crop top and black shorts.
Terrance Higgins, Taylor Hale, and Indy Santos | Photo: CBS

Kyle didn’t use the POV in ‘Big Brother 24’

Kyle Capener won the Power of Veto in Big Brother 24, and according to spoilers, most of the Leftovers alliance wanted him to use it.

After Alyssa Snider stole the London trip from Taylor during the POV competition, the alliance decided it was time to get her out. Taylor had a good reason to put Alyssa on the block. And Kyle could fake ignorance by claiming that he thought Taylor would backdoor Monte Taylor. However, Kyle didn’t want Alyssa out of the game because of their showmance.

Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes played both sides of the argument. Meanwhile, Monte and Joseph Abdin supported Taylor in putting up Alyssa, and Matthew Turner favored Kyle not using the POV.

In the end, Kyle decided not to use the POV to save either Indy or Terrance. So one of the two of them would be the first to the jury house in Big Brother 24.

Did the houseguests send Indy or Terrance to the jury house?

Before the houseguests could vote out either Indy or Terrance in Big Brother 24, some were given punishments from the POV competition.

Terrance had to apply 182 temporary tattoos to his body. Indy had to wear a “Punk-itard” and perform for the house. And Taylor and Joseph had to dress up as Sid and Nancy and be chained together for 48 hours. They also talked only in accents — Joseph had to speak with a British accent, and Taylor had to use a New York accent.

CBS finally got to the live vote and eviction after the punishments segments and a ten-second pillow talk between Kyle and Alyssa. Per Big Brother 24 spoilers, the houseguests voted Indy out of the game in a 7-1 vote. Michael was the only one to vote for Terrance.

During her post-eviction interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Indy revealed that she blamed Kyle for her exit. And Michael exposed the Leftovers in his goodbye message to Indy.


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Spoiler alert: A new twist split the ‘Big Brother 24’ house into 2 groups and 2 HOHs are crowned

Could the Leftovers’ reign come to an end next week? Julie Chen Moonves informed the Big Brother 24 houseguests on Thursday night that a new twist would shake up the game. And it would split the house into two groups of five.

One set of houseguests would live inside the house as a part of “Big Brochella.” And the other set would live in the backyard as a part of “Dyre Fest.” Both groups would have one HOH, two nominees, and one evicted houseguest by next Thursday, Aug. 25. The two groups would not be able to communicate with one another throughout the week.

At the HOH competition, Michael and Terrance became the new HOHs. Michael will be the HOH of the “Big Brochella” group, and Terrance will be the HOH of the “Dyre Fest.”

Michael and Terrance will participate in a schoolyard pick to determine which houseguests will be in their groups.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Sunday, Aug. 21, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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