‘Big Brother 24’ Week 7 Spoilers: Which Houseguests Were Evicted in Tonight’s Episode?

Big Brother 24 host Julie Chen Moonves informed the houseguests on Aug. 18 that a twist would split the house into two groups — “Big Brochella” and “Dyre Fest.” Michael Bruner was the Head of Household of “Big Brochella,” while Terrance was the HOH of “Dyre Fest.” Two houseguests will leave the game in the episode tonight, Aug. 25. And we have all of the Big Brother 24 spoilers from the double eviction.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother 24 Episode 22.]

Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis, who, according to 'Big Brother 24' spoilers, will sit on the block together on live eviction night, sit in the nomination chairs. Monte wears a black shirt, jeans, and a backwards brown baseball cap. Jasmine wears a light blue long-sleeved dress.
Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis | Photo: CBS

The Leftovers were exposed in ‘Big Brother 24’

The “Big Brochella” group includes Michael, Brittany Hoopes, Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, and Jasmine Davis. The ‘Dyre Fest” crew consists of Terrance, Joseph Abdin, Matthew Turner, Kyle Capener, and Alyssa Snider. While the “Big Brochella” houseguests have had a relatively relaxing week inside the house, the “Dyre Fest” players have had a chaotic week, to say the least.

Kyle outed the Leftovers to Alyssa and Terrance to prevent him and his showmance from seeing the block during week seven. And it worked. Terrance initially nominated Joseph and Turner for eviction. But after Terrance won the Power of Veto, he told Joseph that Kyle had told him about the Leftovers. And to cause more drama, Terrance used the POV on Turner and nominated Kyle in his place.

After the veto meeting, Terrance claimed that Joseph’s “bromance” with Monte was more of a threat than Kyle and Alyssa’s showmance. He only put Kyle on the block to stir the pot and get more information from everyone. But Joseph informed Terrance that Kyle is the one who started the Leftovers and he’s betrayed everyone he’s worked with for Alyssa.

However, while Joseph was in the diary room, Terrance, Kyle, Alyssa, and Turner formed a final four alliance called the After Party. Later, Joseph aired out all of Kyle’s lies to Alyssa. But for some reason, Alyssa and Turner sided with Kyle and were mad at Joseph.

According to Big Brother 24 spoilers, a wall yeller might have informed the outsiders of Kyle’s betrayal. However, CBS would never include that in their edited episodes.

Meanwhile, inside “Big Brochella,” Michael originally nominated Jasmine and Monte. Brittany won the POV and kept nominations the same.

Spoiler alert: Who was evicted from ‘Big Brochella’ and ‘Dyre Fest’ in ‘Big Brother 24’?

The “Big Brochella” houseguests had their live eviction first. Taylor and Brittany voted to evict Jasmine, making her the second jury member.

While speaking with Julie, Jasmine informed the host that she felt the most betrayed by Alyssa. And she predicted that Joseph would be the one following her out the door. Michael and Brittany exposed the Leftovers to Jasmine during their goodbye messages.

Later at the “Dyre Fest” live eviction, Turner and Alyssa voted to evict Joseph, making him the third jury member.

During his post-eviction interview with Julie, Joseph admitted he didn’t regret staying loyal to the Leftovers. He said that he doesn’t respect Kyle’s gameplay. And regarding a potential romance with Taylor, Joseph revealed he hopes that she reaches out to him after the game.

The next HOH competition is the most important one yet

The final eight houseguests reunited at the end of Big Brother 24 Episode 22.

Big Brother 24 spoilers tipped off that the eighth Big Brother 24 HOH is a version of the Tiny Veto competition. And it will be the most crucial battle of the summer.

Essentially, the HOH competition will be Kyle, Alyssa, and Turner versus Taylor, Monte, and Brittany. Whoever wins will ensure that their side of the house is safe for the week. And whoever loses will likely lose a number from their side.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs on Sunday, Aug. 28, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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