‘Big Brother 24’ Week 9 Spoilers: Which 2 Houseguests Exited During the Double Eviction?

It’s every Big Brother fan’s favorite night of the year (depending on the outcome) — double eviction night! One week of Big Brother played in one night is exciting on many levels, but it can also be stressful. And based on the first nine weeks of the current season, a double eviction was bound to be chaotic. So read on for all the spoilers from the Big Brother 24 double eviction.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother 24 Episode 28.]

Alyssa Snider, who, according to 'Big Brother 24' spoilers, was nominated for eviction during week nine, wears a dark green sweater.
Alyssa Snider | Photo: CBS

Check-in with the ‘Big Brother 24’ jury

Big Brother has yet to feature a jury segment, but what better time to check in with the evicted houseguests than during a two-hour double eviction?

As fans recall, Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, Joseph Abdin, and Kyle Capener currently make up the Big Brother 24 jury. Indy was the first to arrive, and then Jasmine and Joseph came as victims of the split house twist. The three watched highlights from week seven, and Joseph explained how Kyle exposed the Leftovers during Dyre Fest.

One week later, Kyle entered the jury house. They watched highlights from week eight, and Kyle told them about the After Party. He also informed them about his racist comments and actions that caused his eviction. Indy, Jasmine, and Joseph were shocked, to say the least. Kyle expressed regret, and the other three wanted to find a way to move forward, but they were still rightfully angry and disappointed in Kyle.

Was Terrance or Alyssa the first to leave during the ‘Big Brother 24’ double eviction?

According to Big Brother 24 spoilers, Brittany Hoopes’ loose lips about a potential all-girls alliance persuaded Monte Taylor and Matthew Turner to ally with current Head of Household Michael Bruner. They figured they would rather work with him than against him.

Before the first live vote and eviction of the night, Terrance and Alyssa Snider gave speeches. Alyssa’s was basic, while Terrance’s plea was a bit more confrontational. He claimed the houseguests were playing a “herd game” and that he would hold nothing back in the jury house.

Taylor, Brittany, Monte, and Turner voted to evict Terrance. So by a vote of 4-0, Terrance was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house. He pulled a “Daniel” and didn’t hug anyone before leaving. During his interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Terrance conveyed that he was angry with the houseguests. And he explained why he thought he was evicted over Alyssa.

After the interview, Julie informed the final six that a double eviction was upon them.

Who won HOH, and who did they nominate?

Since Michael was the outgoing HOH, he was not eligible to compete in the double eviction HOH. Taylor, Brittany, Alyssa, Monte, and Turner battled against one another in “Laser Focus,” where they had to remember sequences of different laser colors. Julie would then ask the players questions about them.

In the end, Turner got the most points and won HOH, ensuring his safety during the Big Brother 24 double eviction.

At the nomination ceremony, Turner put Brittany and Alyssa on the block.

Monte won the Power of Veto

All houseguests competed in the Big Brother 24 double eviction Power of Veto competition. The six participated in “Amp It Up,” where they had to untangle themselves from a cable and plug it into an amp.

Monte won the POV, and he chose to use it on Alyssa. Turner nominated Michael in her place. Now was the time to make the move and get Michael out.


‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: 2 Players Plan to Turn the Jury Against Michael and Brittany

Who was the second victim in the ‘Big Brother 24’ double eviction?

At the second live vote and eviction of Big Brother 24 Episode 28, Brittany plead for the houseguests to keep her. Meanwhile, Michael threw Monte, Turner, and Brittany under the bus in his speech. He claimed that he would come after Monte and Turner if he stayed and that Brittany had been playing all sides of the house.

Monte, Alyssa, and Taylor voted to evict Michael. And by a vote of 3-0, Michael was evicted from the Big Brother house. Before leaving, he said, “Everyone, please stay seated. I have one thing I would like to say,” and walked out the door.

During his interview with Julie, Michael said it was the right move for the players to vote him out. He revealed that he was never loyal to the all-guys alliance. And Michael ended by saying that he has nothing but love and respect for the final five.

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