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It’s been repeated time and time, but expect the unexpected, Big Brother fans. When host Julie Chen Moonves introduced the Festie Bestie twist on the July 24 episode, the houseguests were thrown for a loop. Although most of them figured out how to hack the twist by picking members outside their alliance, it still caused chaos in the game. And now, some believe that the cast will get new Besties in tonight’s episode of Big Brother 24.

Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog, who are 'Big Brother 24' Festie Besties, sit next to each other. Taylor wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt. Nicole wears a dark gray shirt.
Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog | Photo: CBS

‘Big Brother 24’ will split up a Festie Bestie pair in the episode tonight, July 28

After the explosive and game-changing July 27 episode, fans will see the Power of Veto meeting and its fallout tonight, July 28, during the second live eviction of the summer.

Wednesday’s episode showed Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog berating Taylor Hale for supporting her Big Brother 24 Bestie. After Nicole exited the diary room visibly upset, the houseguests thought it had something to do with her sick mother. Later, Taylor told Nicole to do whatever was best for her mental health, which Nicole interpreted as Taylor wanting her to quit the game.

Nicole told Daniel about the conversation, who then yelled at Taylor and accused her of playing mind games. He also posited that Taylor is the reason behind Paloma’s exit, which is extremely unfair.

Kyle Capener, Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor, and Matthew Turner saw this bullying and decided enough was enough. They, along with Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes, pulled Taylor into an alliance called the Leftovers.

Since Michael and Brittany won the POV, it stands to reason that they will pull themselves off of the block. And the Leftovers agreed that it would be best for Ameerah Jones to go this week, so Turner will likely nominate her and her Big Brother 24 Bestie, Terrance Higgins. One of them will be evicted during tonight’s episode. But what will happen to the surviving, lone Bestie?

Fans believe producers will shake up the duos

Big Brother 24 fans hopped on Reddit to theorize what the show has in store for the person who loses their Bestie.

One person wrote, “They’ve gotta shuffle pairs. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Either the leftover Bestie pairs up with whoever was HOH’s partner. Or they all redraw. Leaving HOH as the only one not paired next week.” A different Reddit user commented, “I hope it’s a redraw.”

“Shuffling pairs would be the most interesting (like in CBS’s The Challenge lol),” a fan added. “They already have everyone’s evictions lined up depending on which pair goes up. I think an interesting twist would be another comp to shuffle pairs, but the odd-man-out has a 50/50 chance of being safe OR automatically being a third nominee (to prevent people from NOT wanting to choose a partner just so they are safe).”

Another fan said, “I really hope they redo the pairs each week. And hopefully, they don’t get to pick next time too. Such an overpowered twist.”

Other Reddit users believe that whoever survives eviction will earn safety until the Festie Besties twist is over in Big Brother 24. However, we won’t discover the truth until after the live eviction in tonight’s episode.


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The Leftovers will want to choose a Festie Bestie outside of their ‘Big Brother 24’ alliance

If Big Brother 24 decides to switch up the Festie Besties after tonight’s live eviction, then it would be best for the Leftovers to choose a partner outside of their alliance. Po’s Pack, which is all but dead, followed this same strategy last week.

The Leftovers have already discussed that switching up Besties is a possibility. And they all seem to be on board with choosing someone from the other side of the house. This way, they can ensure that a player from outside their alliance goes home since they should have the numbers.

However, production might randomize the pairs instead of letting the houseguests pick. This would cause maximum chaos and entertainment, but fans must wait to see how the twist plays out.

A new episode of Big Brother 24 airs tonight, July 28, at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.