‘Big Brother 24’: Will Monte and Taylor Pursue a Relationship After the Finale?

Big Brother has produced numerous successful showmances over the years. But there have also been a handful of relationships that fail once they step foot outside of the house. So how will Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor’s showmance fare after Big Brother 24 ends on Sunday, Sept. 25?

Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale, who star in 'Big Brother 24' on CBS, hug. Monte wears a black shirt, gray pants, and black bucket hat. Taylor wears a teal dress.
Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale | Photo: CBS

Monte and Taylor began a showmance during ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 10

Taylor and Monte shocked the world when they kissed on the Big Brother 24 live feeds on Tuesday, Sept. 13. The two were having a sleepover in Monte’s Head of Household room, and things got heated very fast. They started cuddling, which led to making out before the cameras cut away from the room.

The next night, Taylor joined Monte in his room again, and they continued to grow closer. After Taylor won the next HOH competition, Monte snuck up to the room to spend the night with her. And it’s clear that their relationship eventually turned sexual.

At first, fans weren’t sure if Monte and Taylor had feelings for one another or if their Big Brother 24 showmance was purely physical. Plus, since it is a showmance, many speculated that they were using each other for game purposes. The real test will come when they leave the house and re-enter the real world.

Monte set ‘boundaries’ for their relationship that quickly became nonexistent

Monte came under fire on Sunday, Sept. 18, when he unfairly criticized Taylor in the Big Brother 24 house. In what has come to be known as “Headphone Gate,” Monte was sleeping while listening to music with Taylor’s headphones. She took them off his head, put them on herself, and jokingly said, “Disrespectful. All up in my room. Taking my music. Falling asleep. Get your own bed.”

Monte was very offended by this incident and expressed his annoyance with Taylor while talking to Matthew Turner later that day. Monte then moved his things out of the HOH room, but he didn’t confront Taylor until later that night.

While Taylor was taking a bath in the HOH room, Monte approached her and explained her faults to Taylor.

“I’ve started to pick up on trends,” he shared. “In an effort to help you realize things that no one else in the house is willing to share because I care. It seems as though when you’re safe [in the game], this level of coldness starts to increase. And you become just a little bit more of that persona of less sensitive to certain things, less loving and communication, and more cold and jokes and condescending in conversation.”

The conversation lasted a long time, but to summarize what happened, Monte was condescending and hypocritical while Taylor cried and apologized. At the end of the discussion, Monte essentially broke up with Taylor and set boundaries, including no more sex. However, he kissed her before leaving, and the two would continue to spend nights in the HOH room together and have sex.

Monte and Taylor likely won’t seek a romantic relationship following ‘Big Brother 24’

Taylor and Monte have been together for less than two weeks in the Big Brother 24 house, and their relationship is already a wild and confusing rollercoaster. Taylor has expressed that she would be open to going on a date once the season ends. But given their “break-up” and Monte’s hurtful words about Taylor, that doesn’t seem possible.

Plus, Monte told Turner that Taylor wasn’t the type of person he could see spending the rest of his life with. That doesn’t bode well for their future following the game. And once Taylor becomes aware of how Monte talks about her behind her back, she might not want to be with him romantically.

Of course, we have no idea how Taylor and Monte feel, and we’ll have to see how their relationship plays out once they leave the Big Brother 24 house.

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