‘Big Brother’ Alums Campaign for Brittany to Win Safety in Season 24

When the Big Brother Season 24 houseguests entered the house, producers immediately threw them into the Head of Household competition. And after Daniel Durston won, Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves announced a twist that affected four people, including Brittany Hoopes. We’ll know more details about the twist in later episodes, but for now, it’s time to vote for which houseguest fans want to keep safe.

Brittany Hoopes, who is a houseguest on 'Big Brother' Season 24, wears a blue dress.
Brittany Hoopes | Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Brittany has a backstage pass in ‘Big Brother’ Season 24

Before the HOH competition began, Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli received the “Backstage Boss” ticket, meaning he sat out of the game. And after Julie declared Daniel the winner, she had some news for Pooch. Because he had the “Backstage Boss” ticket, Pooch would have to sit out of every other competition in week one, and he wouldn’t get to vote, but he would be safe for the week.

And as the “Backstage Boss,” Pooch had the power to give backstage passes to three other houseguests. He chose Brittany, Alyssa Snider, and Paloma Aguilar. The three women also wouldn’t be able to compete or vote this week, but they aren’t guaranteed safety.

At the end of the premiere, Julie directed viewers to an online vote at CBS.com. Big Brother fans have the choice to save Brittany, Alyssa, or Paloma. As for what happens to the other two, we’ll have to wait and see what Big Brother has in store for them on Thursday, July 14, when voting ends.

Former ‘Big Brother’ houseguests are showing their support for Brittany

Following the conclusion of the Big Brother Season 24 premiere, a few former players jumped on Twitter to voice their support for Brittany.

Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina wrote, “Let’s keep Britney safe. She’s a super fan!” And Big Brother Season 15 winner Andy Herren added, “You’re either keeping Brittany safe or you’re ugly. I don’t make the rules!!”

Kat Dunn from Big Brother Season 21 retweeted Andy’s post, and she retweeted a fan’s comment that read, “I’m voting for Brittany because the more cracked energy in that house we have, the better feeds we get.”

Angela “Rockstar” Lantry from Big Brother Season 20 also campaigned for fans to vote for Brittany on her Twitter.

Finally, Britini D’Angelo from Big Brother Season 23 showed up for her name twin. She said, “This is my PSA to vote for Brittany to be saved. Thank you.” Britini also included a screenshot of her vote for Brittany.


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What was the houseguest’s strategy coming into the game?

Before entering the Big Brother house, Brittany answered some questions posed by Parade regarding her strategy. And she revealed that she’s going to lie about her occupation, which is a hypnotherapist.

“I think people are gonna see me, especially when I tell them that I’m a toy testing researcher, they’re gonna be like, ‘Oh, she’s cute. She’s fun. She works with kids. She’s a sweetheart,'” the houseguest explained. “And I think they’re going to underestimate my psychological game, my mental game, and probably even my physical game.”

Brittany added, “I’m a competitive belly dancer. I like to work out. I have a curvy figure. So I think people might underestimate that. But that’s what I want. I want to not be seen as a threat. So I think all that will play to my advantage.”

A new episode of Big Brother Season 24 featuring Brittany airs on Sunday, July 10, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.