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Body language experts have thoroughly analyzed the behavior of Prince William and Kate Middleton during their walkabout with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and one said they were “in sync” despite their distance.

Some observers noted that Harry and Meghan held hands and seemed more affectionate. But that analyst contended that William and Kate’s body language was simply a product of the “seriousness of the occasion.”

And according to that expert, William and Kate weren’t the only two in subtle unison after Queen Elizabeth’s death. Read on to learn what other pair put on a “united front” through body language.

(L-R) Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle arrive to view floral tributes to Queen Elizabeth II. A body language expert said William and Kate were 'in sync' despite distance.
(L-R) Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Mark Kerrison/In Pictures/Getty Images

The ‘Fab Four’ reunion sparked a discussion about body language

When the formerly estranged couples stepped out to walkabout the grounds of Windsor Castle, taking in tributes to Queen Elizabeth, many noted the differences in their body language. Harry and Meghan stayed close and held hands for much of the event. But William and Kate were often seen with a small distance between them.

Notably, the couples were mourning a significant loss in the death of their grandmother. So, some out-of-place body language cues were expected. Furthermore, Harry and Meghan’s disconnect from the royal family and the estrangement between the brothers could have added to the discomfort of the reunion.

That said, here’s what an expert concluded about their connections with each other based on their mannerisms.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were ‘confident’ and ‘in sync’

Body language expert Katia Loisel studied the behavior of the couples and noted that William and Kate have a powerful bond that remained obvious despite their physical distance.

“Rather than being an indication of disconnection, the pair’s purposeful walk, arms loosely by their sides, reflects the seriousness of the occasion and indicates a couple who is confident in their roles and may not feel the need to constantly check in,” Loisel said (per 7News).

She added there were subtle displays of affection between the Prince and Princess of Wales. “… [While] the couple retain a more formal appearance, reflecting their position as royals, they do reconnect, walking in sync, Prince William placing his hand on Kate’s back, providing a sense of reassurance,” she explained.

Prince William and Prince Harry were also ‘in unison and often in sync’


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Loisel said William and Kate weren’t the only two whose connection was obvious despite the distance between them. William and Harry were also “in unison and often in sync” during the walkabout, she pointed out.

Many observers wondered if the two would display any tension, but Loisel didn’t think that was the case. “When we feel uncomfortable in someone’s presence, we tend to distance ourselves, subconsciously orientating our bodies away from them,” she explained. “However, we don’t see this between the royals.”

“Whilst they are in times distant in proximity, there are several moments of non-verbal synchrony … between the pair,” she noted, “suggesting a united front and a family perhaps brought together by shared grief.”

As for Meghan’s body language, Loisel noted she indicated “emotional discomfort and that she may have been feeling vulnerable,” though she wasn’t the only one. William and Harry used “manipulators” that displayed their underlying stress. She concluded that the sad event was “taking its toll on even the most stoic of the royals.”