‘Bros’ Star Billy Eichner Revealed the ‘Most Depressing’ Gift He Ever Got From Tinder After They Banned Him Twice

Bros actor and writer Billy Eichner brought his experiences from Tinder and other dating apps to the critically-acclaimed rom-com. However, he didn’t exactly find true love. Instead, Eichner found himself receiving the ban hammer from Tinder twice and sent him a care package as an apology. The actor called the contents of the package the “most depressing” gift ever.

Billy Eichner pokes fun at dating app culture in ‘Bros’

'Bros' actor Billy Eichner telling host Seth Meyers about Tinder bans. Eichner is wearing a brown suit jacket and glasses, looking at Meyers from the other side of the desk. Meyers is shown from the back wearing a plaid shirt.
L-R: Billy Eichner and Seth Meyers | Lloyd Bishop / NBC

Eichner plays the lead character, Bobby, in Bros. The character runs his own podcast, where he vents all of his frustrations surrounding the gay dating scene in New York City. Meanwhile, Bobby is also a community leader looking to fundraise for the biggest LGBTQ history museum in the nation. Bobby and Eichner share the same frustration with dating apps, such as Tinder, especially regarding awkward hook-ups.

However, everything changes when he happens to meet Aaron (Luke Macfarlane) at the launch party of a new dating app. They share one thing in common – commitment issues. Bros finds Bobby and Aaron navigating life as single gay men who slowly begin to fall in love.

Tinder banned Billy Eichner twice and sent him the “most depressing” care package

Eichner appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk all things Bros. Nevertheless, the conversation steered in another direction that related to the movie’s themes. Host Seth Meyers asked Eichner if it’s true that Tinder banned his account twice, which the actor confirmed.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Eichner said. “You know, I’m like everyone else. I’m just trying to be a normal person meeting people. So, I join Tinder, but then people recognize me. They don’t think it’s me. They think it’s someone pretending to be me, right? So, they report my account and Tinder thought they were doing the right thing and they booted me twice. And then I complained about it, and they sent me a care package.”

The actor appreciated the company ultimately reaching out to him, but he found the actual gift hilariously depressing.

Eichner continued: “Imagine how depressing it is when you’re a 44-year-old single man getting a care package from Tinder that had literally a T-shirt that said, ‘World’s Greatest Single.’ There was a mug that was like ‘Single, But Loving It.’ Shout out to Tinder, the thought was very nice, but it was honestly the most depressing gift I’ve ever received.”

He made history with ‘Bros’

Eichner humorously pointed out how Meyers wanted to talk about his Tinder bans, even though he just made history with Bros. Universal Pictures’ movie marks the first gay rom-com to ever come from a major Hollywood studio. Producer Judd Apatow working on the project certainly helped it gain attention, but Eichner certainly brought an attractive package to the studio.

The actor hopes that his gay rom-com isn’t the last. Instead, he wants to see it become the first in a long line of movies where Hollywood embraces non-heteronormative romances on the silver screen.

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