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Bullet Train actor Joey King worked alongside prominent actors, such as Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock. It’s an extraordinary experience to have, but it also comes with a lot of pressure and expectations. King recently revealed what it was like working with A-lister Bullet Train actors, such as Pitt and Bullock.

Joey King plays The Prince in ‘Bullet Train’ alongside Brad Pitt

'Bullet Train' Joey King and Brad Pitt smiling in front of movie title font
L-R: Joey King and Brad Pitt | JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images

Ladybug (Pitt) is a trained but highly unlucky American assassin. He wants to give up his dangerous lifestyle but predictably gets pulled back into it by his handler, Maria Bettle (Bullock). The mission is to collect a briefcase on a train traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto. However, Ladybug will have to compete with other assassins onboard, who have connecting objectives.

Bullet Train finds Pitt opposite King, who plays The Prince, a British assassin pretending to be a schoolgirl. Other members of the cast include Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Tangerine, Brian Tyree Henry as Lemon, Andrew Koji as Yuichi Kumura, and Michael Shannon as The White Death.

‘Bullet Train’ actor Joey King called Brad Pitt the ‘coolest human to work with’

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, King talked about what it was like working with Pitt on Bullet Train. Her acting career stretches back almost 20 years, but this high-profile Hollywood movie made her feel like a complete “fish out of water.”

“I feel like this movie, stepping onto this set, I felt like I had just touched down in Los Angeles and it was my first [movie],” King said. “I felt so fish out of water, imposter syndrome, I was like, ‘What am I doing here? Don’t deserve to be here.'”

King continued: “But working on this movie with the entire cast and of course Brad – I mean he’s f***ing Brad Pitt at the end of the day, we love Brad Pitt – it was truly an honor, not just because they’re so talented and have such cool careers, but because they’re the coolest humans to work with.”

King also had a wonderful experience working with other co-stars aside from Pitt on Bullet Train, including Henry, Taylor-Johnson, and Koji. As a result, it made the filming just that much better.

“Brad became someone that I was so comfortable with and feel so lucky that I was able to share this time with, I just absolutely adore him,” King said. “I adore Brian so much, he’s my lifelong friend now. Aaron and Andrew, it doesn’t get better than these people on a human level and on a talent level.”

The LED screens made filming difficult


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However, a tricky element for King and Pitt to pull off in Bullet Train was dealing with the LED screens that surround the set. They are meant to give the illusion that they’re actually on a moving train but also make for a strange experience.

“I never got motion sickness, but what did happen is, you know that feeling when you’re sitting in a parked car and the people next to you starts backing up and you feel like you’re going forward, you’re like [gasps],” King recalled. “Sometimes I got that feeling, and I was like, ‘Oh s***!'”