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[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains Celebrity Big Brother 3 spoilers, including the first Power of Veto winner and possible replacement nominee.]

UFC fighter Miesha Tate became the first Head of Household for Celebrity Big Brother 3 and wasted no time taking shots at those she considered big threats. She nominated Mirai Nagasu and Carson Kressley for eviction with a backdoor plan in mind. Who won the first Power of Veto, and did they use it to remove Mirari or Carson from the block?

Julie Chen Moonves standing on stage, smiling during a live taping of 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Julie Chen Moonves during a live taping of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/Getty Images

Miesha Tate became first Head of Household for ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’

Shortly after entering the house, the celebrities had to face off for the first Head of Household. The endurance-based competition required the houseguests to hold on to champagne bottles attached to strings, with the last person hanging becoming HOH.

UFC fighter Miesha Tate made a deal with singer Todrick Hall but refused one with Teddi Mellencamp, who dropped shortly after, giving Miesha the power.

The new HOH aligned with others she considered athletic such as former NBA champ Lamar Odom and Todrick Hall, who also agreed to work with several other people.

She later brought in Chris Kirkpatrick and revealed she planned to backdoor Teddi, who she considered a big threat.

She nominated Carson Kressley and Mirai Nagasu for eviction; Carson won Week 1 Power of Veto

After the HOH competition, the houseguests learned of a Gala Gift twist that “came with a gift and a curse.” The players determined the winner by giving another contestant the hat, with the last one receiving it earning immunity.

Miesha didn’t want Teddi to end up with the safety but didn’t want to take the first shot. Eventually, former Atlanta Housewife Cynthia Bailey won it, giving her immunity for the first week.

However, the punishment has yet to be revealed. The HOH’s plan worked, and she elaborated on it by including Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu, who she wanted to nominate as a pawn. However, Mirai tipped off Teddi, her Formation ally, who told Todrick.

He informed Miesha of the situation, and she and the former Housewife agreed to a deal. With Mirai as her new target, the HOH spoke with Carson Kressley about filling in as a pawn. Miesha then nominated the two for eviction, and Carson won the Power of Veto.

Teddi Mellencamp backdoored and will likely become the first evicted from ‘CBB3’

The RuPaul’s Drag Race judge removed himself from the block with the POV, giving way to Miesha’s initial backdoor plan. She took the opportunity and nominated Teddi in his place.

The Live Feeds became available after the POV ceremony and showed which the house began leaning. Todrick, whom Teddi previously exposed for his multiple loyalties, admitted to his former Formation ally that he would likely vote to evict her.


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However, he pointed out Miesha is the one who backdoored her. Teddi and pageant queen Shanna Moakler attempted to count votes, but the Real Housewives star realized she probably didn’t have the numbers to stay in the house.

The situation annoyed Teddi as she wanted to have the “chance to fight” and continue competing. Celebrity Big Brother 3 airs on CBS.