‘Chopped’: Have Viewers’ Opinions of Tiffani Faison Changed?

Although she’s become a kind of culinary hero in her hometown of Boston, Tiffani Faison hasn’t totally overcome her Top Chef persona.

When she appeared on the first season of the popular Bravo cooking competition, she set herself up to be the villain. In a way it worked. Faison came in second on the show, but she’s managed to make a career out of the TV personality she cultivated for herself.

Now she’s judging on popular Food Network shows like Chopped, in addition to having several successful Boston eateries to her name.

But being the mean judge means that Faison doesn’t have many fans. Some people love to hate her, others just plain hate her. 

Tiffani Faison was a judge in the finale of ‘Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay’ 

\Tiffani Faison
\Tiffani Faison | Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Fans on Reddit recently discussed Faison’s judging. She’s been a judge on Food Network a few times, including for Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay. The new concept blends two of the channels most popular competition shows. 

Chopped forces contestants to cook a three-course meal in a tight timeframe, and using certain ingredients. The special ingredients, which are hidden in a basket until the start of the competition, are often odd and mismatched

The concept of Beat Bobby Flay is pretty much exactly what the name describes. Contestants have to out-cook culinary legend Bobby Flay, but there are some tricks that they can use to tip the scales to their advantage.

First, two contestants compete against one another. They are given 20 minutes to come up with a dish that features an ingredient chosen by Flay. The winner of that head to head has to compete with Flay himself.

That’s similar to the format of Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay, although the Chopped special is more drawn-out.

First, former Chopped winners will compete against each other. At the end of four episodes, the four finalists will join Flay in the Chopped kitchen, and this time he won’t be behind the judge’s table. 

Some fans change the channel when Tiffani Faison comes on 

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Faison is one of the judges for Chopped: Beat Bobby Flay. Some fans think that her presence on the special may be due to her personal relationship with Flay.

According to one Reddit user, “I can think of over a dozen other chefs that they could use if they are looking for people that don’t have an ongoing relationship with Bobby. I assume that is why you don’t see Geoffrey, Alex, etc. on the finale, but rather the lesser-used (I don’t mean that in a bad way for Chris or Christian).”

Unfortunately for Faison, some fans really don’t like watching her. In fact, they refuse. As one fan wrote, “Nothing about Tiffany is appealing to me. Her use comments even her appearance totally turns the channel.”

Other fans have come to appreciate Faison 

Fans’ reactions to Faison aren’t all bad. Although her Top Chef infamy is still following her, more than a decade after her season aired, fans on reddit weren’t afraid to admit that they’re coming around when it comes to Faison.

As one fan wrote: “I was DREADING her being the judge for the final round of tasting but now am pleasantly surprised.”

Others feel the same. It could be that Faison is growing on Food Network viewers. Or maybe she’s softened a little and some viewers are picking up on it. Even those who are familiar with her Top Chef run are changing their tune on Faison. “I actually like her – she was a nightmare on Top Chef S1 but I like her honesty and directness.”