Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling’s New Movie Might Shatter Netflix Records

As Netflix has moved away from simply an innovative streaming platform into one of the world’s biggest names in the creation of original content, fans have been keeping their eyes open to see what the company will put forward as their next big thing. The platform’s track record with the reception of their original programming is mixed, and the creations run the gamut from the serious and artistic to the downright bizarre. That means that fans never really know what to expect and are waiting anxiously to see when something fantastic is about to hit. 

It looks like the new film The Gray Man may be just the thing that fans have been waiting for, and it’s set to break records and give Netflix something new to brag about. 

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Netflix original programming has been hit and miss

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Since bridging out into the content creation world, the Netflix platform has seen some real successes. In fact, original programming like Marriage Story and The Irishman have even taken the elusive and impressive step of garnering Oscar nominations. Getting the Academy to recognize Netflix’s original content as worthy of competition has definitely elevated its presence in the entertainment world. 

However, the platform has made it clear that they aren’t just looking to create Oscar-worthy gems. They’re also happy to produce content for the masses, and they have certainly succeeded with hits like Tiger King becoming viral phenomena. Another recent success has treaded completely different territory by rebooting The Babysitter’s Club, bringing a double dose of nostalgia and progressive plot lines for modern-day tweens. 

These successes have also been punctuated by some missteps. The Full House reboot, Fuller House, is widely regarded as a flop as was the Richie Rich remake. It isn’t just reboots that have fallen flat, either. The platform’s decision to host Gwyneth Paltrow’s misguided show The Goop Lab brought widespread ridicule. Still, Netflix seems to have hit more than they’ve missed, and some of those hits have been tremendous. 

‘The Gray Man’ looks like a promising contender

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As far as the best originals that Netflix has ever created, the upcoming original film The Gray Man looks to be in the running as a real competitor for the title. The action movie has a lot going for it. From a star-studded cast to an impressive director decision, there are certainly a lot of high expectations. Based on a series of books by the same name, The Gray Man stars Ryan Gosling as a legendary killer named Court Gentry who has racked up victims around the globe. 

Adding a layer of complexity to the plot, Gentry used to be a CIA agent, and one of his former colleagues (Lloyd Hansen, played by Chris Evans) is in hot pursuit of the murderer. Director Anthony Russo — famed for his work on Avengers: Endgame — explained that the film would be “a real mano a mano between those two great actors, who represent two different versions of the CIA, in what it can be, and what it can do,” per Entertainment Weekly. He promises a real-world setting that explores themes similar to those in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

‘The Gray Man’ has big shoes to fill

Endgame is the highest-grossing movie of all time, so it’s safe to say that the expectations are high for The Gray Man with both Joe and Anthony Russo back at the helm. The plans are definitely ambitious with the Russos already talking about the second film in the series and how they know they must accomplish a film that is “competitive with any theatrical” release in order to ensure they can continue the work going forward. 

Of course, work on the film is currently up in the air because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but it is expected to begin sometime in late fall if all goes well. Ironically, those very same pandemic conditions have given Netflix a substantial boost as more and more people are spending time at home and theaters struggle to operate with the risk of infections. As fans look for Netflix’s next big thing, The Gray Man could be the answer.