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When discussing their favorite actors, devoted fans have distinct picks. But what if the pool of performers were limited to the best Hollywood Chrises? Surely, that might lead to some disagreements. But here’s indisputable proof that Chris Pine is the best Hollywood Chris.

The debate over the best Hollywood Chris rages on

The discussion about the best Hollywood Chris doesn’t have a definitive beginning. But it’s easy to surmise it began with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, the MCU has three leading men with that name. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt play the heroic roles of Steve Rogers, Thor, and Peter Quill.

Somewhere along the way, Chris Pine entered the conversation. While superhero movies steadily dominated pop culture in the mid- to late 2010s, Pine landed a major role as Steve Trevor in DC’s 2017 hit Wonder Woman. Although he has never appeared in a live-action Marvel role, Pine provided the ill-fated Peter Parker’s voice in the early part of 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Chris Pine recently asserted his place as the best Hollywood Chris

Chris Pine: Best Hollywood Chris
Chris Pine on the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ red carpet at the 2022 Venice Film Festival | John Phillips/Getty Images

However, Chris Pine recently leapfrogged ahead of the competition thanks to his headline-making nonchalance at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. The actor was there to promote his latest movie, Don’t Worry Darling. And in footage that has since gone viral, co-star Harry Styles appeared to have spit on the actor, as reported by Mashable and countless other outlets. The unflappable Pine’s reaction crowns him the best Hollywood Chris and a genuine style icon.

Of course, Pine has given fans plenty of other reasons to love him. In his personal life, the actor has won the internet numerous times. For instance, in 2020 he was photographed wearing a facemask while carrying books from an independent bookstore, a fan on Twitter noted.

Aside from showing he cares about others’ health and supports small businesses, Pine has proven his range as an actor in hits like 2009’s Star Trek and 2016’s Hell or High Water. Some fans still love his film debut in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

Pine even has a plan for all the Hollywood Chrises


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Fans will likely continue the debate over the best Hollywood Chris despite the overwhelming evidence that Chris Pine has already triumphed. But in 2020, the actor came up with a fun suggestion for how he and his fellow Chrises could unite for the greater good.

“Shoot, man, either we do, like, maybe a Comic-Con — a Chrisi-Con,” Pine told host Josh Horowitz on the Comedy Central YouTube series Stir Crazy. “Or we do like a Rat Pack show at the Sands, you know? Where we entertain and do a bit of vaudeville.”

Sign us up, Chris.