‘Counting On’: Jason Duggar Claps Back After Critic Wonders Why Jana Duggar Can’t Take Unchaperoned Trips

Jana Duggar’s younger brother is coming to her defense. After the Counting On star shared a photo of herself and several of her siblings on a bike ride, some critics took it as an opportunity to ask why the 30-year-old still lives at home. They also questioned whether she is allowed to travel and do other activities independently. But Jana’s brother Jason Duggar clapped back at the nosy commenters, telling them they didn’t know everything about his sister’s life. 

Critics wonder why Jana Duggar still lives at home  

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Jana is the oldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s nine daughters. She’s also the oldest of the Duggar kids who are still living at home. While many of her siblings have gotten married and started families of their own, she remains under her parents’ roof and seems to play a big role in raising the younger Duggar kids. 

Some Duggar family critics have theorized that Jana is trapped in her family’s home and not allowed to move out unless she marries. Others think she prefers to remain single and doesn’t mind living with Jim Bob and Michelle. 

People have been wondering about Jana’s living situation for years, but the questions have gotten more pointed after it was revealed in a recent episode of Counting On that her twin brothers Jedidiah and Jeremiah, 21, were living in their own house. Those watching the show were curious why Jana stayed home while her younger male siblings were allowed to live on their own. 

Critic asks why Jana can’t travel unchaperoned

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On Jana’s recent Instagram post, one commenter expressed confusion about Jana’s situation. 

“I’m sorry I genuinely don’t understand why your younger brothers can move out of the family home but you can’t take a trip with friends unchaperoned,” the person wrote. 

Jana travels often, but she usually appears to be accompanied by family members. However, some fans suspected she might have recently taken an unchaperoned vacation after she shared a photo of herself sipping on a coconut by a swimming pool. 

“At 30 she could have a real career and her own place,” another wrote. “She is old enough to make her own decisions and take trips.”

Jason Duggar defends his sister 

Duggar sisters
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Jason Duggar quickly stepped in to defend his sister from critics. 

“I’m sorry, I genuinely don’t understand how you think you know about all the trips she takes,” the 20-year-old replied. 

A number of people praised Jason for telling off those who assumed they understood everything about Jana’s life. 

“Yes! Keep being an awesome brother!” one replied. 

But another thought it noteworthy that Jana didn’t address the comment herself. “Look!!! Another man to speak for Jana cause she’s not allowed to do it herself apparently,” the person commented. 

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