‘Counting On’ Teases Big Courtship Announcement; Will Jana Duggar Be the Next Duggar to Get Married?

Another member of the Duggar family is courting! TLC is teasing a big courtship announcement in the Sept. 22 episode of Counting On. But which of the single Duggar kids is likely getting married in the near future? While some fans suspect that Jana Duggar’s time has finally come, the preview seems to suggest it’s actually one of her younger siblings who has found love. 

Jana Duggar reflects on being single, reveals she’s starting a business  

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Thirty-year-old Jana Duggar is the oldest unmarried Duggar child. Her singleness has been a running theme on this season of Counting On. In the Sept. 15 episode of her family’s show, Jana and sister-in-law Abbie Duggar have a chat about her relationship status while she gets her hair done. The two joke about how people are always trying to set Jana up with someone. 

In an interview with producers, Jana says she often gets questions about her love life, which can get a bit tiring. 

“Sometimes it gets a little old,” she says. 

“It’s not the only thing in the world to talk about,” she adds, rolling her eyes. 

Earlier in the episode, Jana reveals she has plenty on her plate. She plans to turn her love of gardening, crafting, and design into a business selling home decor items online. It’s a big move for the reality star, as Duggar women typically don’t have jobs or start businesses. 

‘Counting On’ fans say it’s fine if Jana Duggar stays single

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Stop trying to fix Jana up! #CountingOn

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On Instagram, a number of Counting On fans were adamant that Jana didn’t need to get married if she didn’t want to. 

“Why does she HAVE to find someone?” one asked. “If she’s happy being single, let her be. Too much pressure on her to settle down.”  

Others said she was wise to be patient and wait for the right person. 

“Jana is smart!! Good for you don’t settle!! You’re amazing and the right guy will snap you up,” one wrote. 

Which Duggar is about to announce a courtship?

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While Jana seems to be in no rush to get married, could her time as a single woman be coming to an end? A teaser for the upcoming episode of Counting On reveals one member of the family is about to announce a courtship. Jana seems like an obvious candidate, but the excited reaction when 17-year-old Justin Duggar joins the family Zoom call suggests he might be the one with big news to share. However, Justin might be a bit young to publicly announce a relationship. Jeremiah, Jedidiah, James, and Jason Duggar are all also single. 

However, there’s one clue that Jana could be in a courtship. In the Sept. 15 episode, she visits Knoxville, Tenn., with John and Abbie Duggar. Knoxville is not far from where the Bates family lives. Plus, she talks about being open to marrying someone who doesn’t live in Arkansas. Could Jana be in a relationship with one of the Bates boys, perhaps Lawson, as fans have long speculated? It’s a definite possibility, though other fan theories hold that Jason — who recently joined Instagram — is about to announce he’s courting Kendra Caldwell’s sister Lauren. Meanwhile, James has been spotted with a mystery woman

Find out which member of the  Duggar family is courting in the Sept. 22 episode of Counting On, airing at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.