‘Counting On’: The Duggars Always Do This 1 Thing on Thanksgiving

When it comes to holidays, the Duggars do things a little differently. The Counting On family has Christmas without Santa and doesn’t celebrate Halloween at (though some of the kids have bent the rules a bit in recent years). At Easter (aka “Resurrection Sunday” in the Duggar household), they eat Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs rather than deviled eggs. But Thanksgiving is a holiday where they keep things pretty traditional by gathering, like many other Americans, with family and friends to eat a big meal. Every year, the Duggars also make sure to stick to a special tradition — one that you may practice with your own family.

The Duggars practice this common Thanksgiving tradition 

Members of the Duggar family at the dining table
Members of the Duggar family at their home in Tontitown, Arkansas | FOX News Channel via Getty Images

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Food, family, and pumpkin pie are all present at the Duggar’s Thanksgiving celebration, mom Michelle Duggar revealed in a 2012 blog post on the family’s website. But before sitting down to turkey, they make sure to remember the meaning of the holiday and share something they are grateful for. 

“One of the things that we always do before we get around the table is to gather together in the living room to give thanks for that year, for the past and all of the things that we have to be thankful for,” Michelle shared. “Each person gets a turn. We usually start with the youngest because it’s easier for them to go first. By the time it gets around to the older ones, it gets a little harder because we each try to say something different.”

The mom of 19 explained that sharing words of gratitude gives them a chance to “remember all of the important parts of our lives.” 

“We’ll say thanks for our meal and enjoy the food and company together,” she added. “The important memories at Thanksgiving are of being together and having a time of gratefulness.” 

The ‘Counting On’ family usually hosts dozen of people 

In her blog post, Michelle revealed that the family would typically host between 25 and 45 people throughout the day, though they might not all stay for Thanksgiving dinner. That included extended family and other guests who couldn’t spend the day with their own family. 

Of course, that was back in 2012, when Josh Duggar was the only Duggar kid who was married with kids of his own. Since then, the family has grown considerably. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar now have a total of eight daughters- and sons-in-law, plus nearly 20 grandkids. Not all those kids and grandkids spend Thanksgiving with the Duggars, but even with some people missing, it’s bound to be quite a crowd.

This year, health experts are advising people to limit the size of their holiday gatherings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). That will be a challenge for the Duggars, given that their celebration last year appeared to have included dozens of guests, based on photos shared to the family’s Instagram.  

The Duggar’s Thanksgiving menu 

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When it comes to the Thanksgiving meal, the Duggars stick to the classics. In addition to turkey, yeast rolls and the family’s “ultimate favorite holiday dessert” pumpkin pie are on the menu. The family also serves green bean casserole, corn, sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows, and salad, based on photos from last year’s holiday shared on Instagram. 

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