‘Cursed’: 7 Shows and Movies About King Arthur to Stream After You Finish the New Netflix Series

Netflix’s Cursed offers a fresh, female-focused twist on the age-old Arthurian legend. The fantasy series stars Katherine Langford as Nimue, a young sorceress who teams up with a knight named Arthur (Devon Terrell) in her quest to make sure that the magical sword Excalibur ends up back in the hands of the wizard Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård). 

The series has been in Netflix’s top 10 since it dropped on July 17. Viewers who’ve already binged all 10 episodes are eagerly awaiting news about whether there will be a season 2. In the meantime, here are some other shows and movies featuring Camelot, Lancelot, and the Lady in the Lake that will help you fill the time until Cursed (hopefully) returns.


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Merlin is typically depicted as a wizened old wizard, but in this BBC series, he’s a young man (played by Colin Morgan) and a contemporary of Arthur (Bradley James). Merlin comes to live in Camelot, where the current king has banned magic, and clashes with Prince Arthur. But the two eventually grow close as Merlin comes into his magical powers. Five seasons streaming on Netflix.


Starz’s Camelot only lasted one season, and it won’t take you long to binge all 10 episodes of the short-lived show. It’s based on the 15th-century work Le Morte D’Arthur and stars Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur, and Eva Green as Arthur’s sister Morgan. Streaming on Hulu.

‘The Sword in the Stone’ 

The Sword In The Stone poster
The Sword In The Stone | LMPC via Getty Images

Disney’s kid-friendly spin on the Arthur myth is based on the first part of T.H. White’s novel The Once and Future King. It focuses on a 12-year-old orphan named Arthur — nicknamed Wart — who encounters a wizard named Merlin and his talking owl, Archimedes. Merlin takes charge of Wart’s education, preparing him to eventually fulfill his destiny and become King Arthur. Streaming on Disney Plus. 


Not to be confused with the more recent BBC series, this Merlin is a three-part miniseries starring Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill as the legendary wizard and Isabella Rossellini as Nimue. Helen Bonham Carter plays Lady Morgan Le Fey and Lena Headey from Game of Thrones is Guinevere. Streaming for free on IMDbTV. 


Cherie Lunghi as Guenevere and Helen Mirren as Morgana
Cherie Lunghi (L) as Guenevere and Helen Mirren (C) as Morgana in Excalibur | Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

This over-the-top sword-and-sorcery epic from 1981 features future stars including Helen Mirren as Morgana, as well as Liam Neeson, Patrick Stewart, and Gabriel Byrne in supporting roles. Nigel Terry plays Arthur. Streaming on Starz. 

‘King Arthur’ 

This 2004 movie directed by Antoine Fuqua deviates significantly from the traditional Arthur story by making him a Roman soldier in Britain who leads a charge against the invading Saxons and eventually becomes king. The movie also cuts out the fantasy elements of the myth in favor of supposedly historical realism. Clive Owen is Arthur, Keira Knightley is Guinevere, and Stephen Dillane is Merlin. Streaming on HBO Max.  

‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ 

Legendary comedy troupe Monty Python spoofs the Arthurian legend in this 1975 film that sees Arthur (Graham Chapman) and his Knights of the Round Table (including John Cleese as Lancelot) embark on an absurdly hilarious quest to find the Holy Grail. Streaming on Netflix. 

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