Dak Prescott’s New Ferrari Has a Personalized License Plate That Nods to His Trailer Park Childhood

Dak Prescott is a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, a high-profile player who has earned several awards and honors. After being selected by the Cowboys in the 2016 NFL Draft, Prescott rose to fame quickly, setting several records as a rookie player, including being named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year while also getting a Pro Bowl selection.

Dak Prescott smiling in front of a black background
Dak Prescott | Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Although Prescott has reached the pinnacle of success in his chosen field, he wasn’t born into that position – rather, Prescott had a tough childhood and had to work very hard to get to where he is. Rather than forget those hard times, Prescott did something recently that ensured he would always remember where he came from, and where he’s going. 

Dak Prescott faced some hard times when he was younger

Dak Prescott was born in Louisiana in 1993. The youngest of three children, Prescott was raised primarily by his mother, Peggy Prescott. The family lived at the Pine Creek Mobile Estates, a trailer park in Princeton, Louisiana, for the majority of his formative years.

As reported by Yahoo News, Prescott was molded by his hardworking single mother, who managed a truck stop all while taking care of her three children. Prescott told Yahoo,

“There were some hard times, no doubt about it … but we had a great upbringing. We knew exactly right from wrong. My mom spoiled me a little bit because I was youngest.”

Prescott, along with his brothers, developed a love for football at an early age, and their mother encouraged their interest. Prescott’s natural talent shone through once he started playing in earnest, and soon, he was receiving recruitment offers from various colleges, who wanted him to play for their teams.

He began his college career with Mississippi State, playing backup in 2011. Just five years later, he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

What does Dak Prescott have on his custom license plate?

After establishing himself as a major talent, Dak Prescott signed a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys in 2021, securing not only his future with the team but scoring a record $66 million sign-on bonus for himself. When asked how he spent his impressive bundle of cash, Prescott said:

“… probably dinner for the whole family and friends when they all came into town that night … But then I got a Ferrari.”

Around the same time, Prescott sat down with Sports Illustrated, talking about how he keeps memories of his humble upbringing close by at all times. Prescott admitted that he had his new Ferrari decorated with a custom license plate that reads “SINGLEWIDE,” a direct reference to the trailer that Prescott and his siblings grew up in. 

Dak Prescott currently lives in a stunning Texas mansion

The Ferrari isn’t the only vehicle that Dak Prescott has at his sprawling estate in North Dallas, Texas. Prescott has a garage full of cars, including an El Camino. Prescott’s home also features a massive game room, with a sports simulation theater, billiards room, multiple built-in televisions, and a full bar.

The mansion itself is over 9,000 square feet, according to Velvet Ropes, and sits on a spacious 7-acre lot in the town of Prosper. The mansion also comes fully equipped with a swimming pool and spa, a fire pit, grill space, and a huge backyard, designed for entertaining all of Prescott’s family and friends – the perfect spot for a football star who has worked hard for every bit of success that he has in life. For Dak Prescott, the best is yet to come.

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