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Will Daniel Lissing Return to ‘When Calls the Heart’? He Reveals What He Misses About Hallmark Series

Daniel Lissing played Jack Thornton on When Calls the Heart for five seasons, but left the show in 2018. In a conversation with former co-star Paul Greene, he reflected on his decision to leave the series, what he misses about the show, and whether he'd ever return.

Former When Calls the Heart star Daniel Lissing has opened up about his decision to leave the popular Hallmark Channel drama. Lissing played male lead Jack Thornton on the show from 2014 to 2018, but his character was killed off at the season 5. Jack’s death was devastating for many fans of the show. Some even hope Lissing might someday return to the series. But in a conversation with his former co-star Paul Greene, he says he has zero regrets about leaving the show. 

Why did Daniel Lissing leave ‘When Calls the Heart’?

Recently, Lissing sat down for a virtual chat with Greene, who plays Dr. Carson Shepherd on When Calls the Heart. In a video posted to YouTube, the two talked about Lissing’s career, his time playing Jack Thornton, and why he eventually decided to step away from the series. 

Lissing — an Australian actor who had previously appeared in the short-lived ABC series Last Resort — said he was thrilled when he was cast as Jack, as it gave him the chance to see if he could carry a show. 

“I was grateful every day I was on set,” he told Greene. However, eventually, he decided it was time to pursue other goals and interests.  

“I had got to the point where I wanted to switch paths,” he said. 

Lissing went on to say that it was a “super tough decision to walk away” from When Calls the Heart, especially since there was no guarantee that he’d ever be able to land such a prominent role on a TV show again. But he knew he needed to follow his heart. 

“Everyone said I was crazy,” he said. “Maybe they were right. Time will tell. I believe in my purpose … I’ve got a very clear vision of what I want to do and how I want to do it.”

Lissing is currently shooting a pilot for a new Fox series called The Cleaning Lady. He’s also an investor in a vegan burger restaurant, has a recurring role on the ABC series The Rookie, and is working on other projects.  

Daniel Lissing says he misses working with Erin Krakow 

Daniel Lissing shakes hands with a police officer in an episode of The Rookie
Daniel Lissing in The Rookie | Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images

Lissing is content with his decision to leave When Calls the Heart. 

“My regrets are few and not worth mentioning,” he said. However, he did say that he missed his co-stars. 

“Really, it’s not so much regrets, but working with you guys was just so much fun. I miss it in certain ways,” he said. “I miss working with Erin [Krakow]; we had such a great chemistry … I really enjoyed that aspect of it, I loved working with horses. Canada’s beautiful. I loved working in Vancouver. So I miss it in that aspect of things.”

Lissing reveals whether he’d ever return to ‘When Calls the Heart’ 

Daniel Lissing visits Hallmark's Home and Family
Daniel Lissing | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

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Given that the Jack character has died on When Calls the Heart, it seems unlikely Lissing will ever return to the series. However, he said that if there was a way to make it work, he’d be happy to put on the Mountie uniform again. 

“I loved playing Jack. I really really did,” he said. “If there was ever an opportunity to do anything again, I would not be opposed to it.”