Demi Lovato Is Down to Make Music With Rihanna but What She Really Wants to Do Is Make Out

Demi Lovato is one of America’s favorite pop stars, a former Disney Channel queen who has overcome some pretty serious adversity in her life. Lovato has done multiple stints in rehab to battle issues such as eating disorders and drug and alcohol addictions. These days, Lovato is proudly sober and has begun spending more time in the spotlight, appearing on various talk shows and opening up about her future plans. Recently, Lovato opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about her fondness for Rihanna, and how much she would like to collaborate with the iconic singer — both on a personal and professional level.

Demi Lovato is famous for her powerful voice

Demi Lovato was born in New Mexico in 1992. She spent the majority of her childhood in Dallas, Texas, and showed an early talent for music, learning how to play both piano and guitar by the age of 10. Lovato also honed her craft through regular dancing and acting lessons, making her a force to be reckoned with even before she was a teenager. In 2002, Lovato began appearing on the popular kid’s TV show Barney & Friends

Following up her work on Barney & Friends, Lovato worked on TV shows such as As the Bell Rings and movies like Camp Rock. Lovato began exploring her potential as a singer and released her debut album, Don’t Forget, in 2008. As she started to enjoy greater worldwide fame, Lovato’s personal struggles began to catch up with her. She has spent several stints in rehab and has admitted to serious drug and alcohol abuse over the years. However, the year 2020 has been a remarkable year thus far for the newly-sober Lovato and she has come back from her latest rehab stint with a vengeance.

Demi Lovato holding a microphone in front of a light pink background
Demi Lovato | Rich Fury/Getty Images for Teen Vogue

Rihanna is a music and business mogul

Rihanna is known to many as the queen of reinvention. She had her breakthrough in 2007, upon the release of her album Good Girl Gone Bad, and quickly rose to the top of the music industry. Her songs “Umbrella,” “Shut Up and Drive,” “Don’t Stop the Music,” and “Disturbia,” have all become staples, and helped to make Rihanna one of the most bankable artists of the mid-2000s.

Rihanna has launched several successful businesses, including the wildly successful cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty. The line has been applauded for its inclusivity and is carried by major makeup retailers such as Sephora. As a result of the time she has spent on her business ventures, Rihanna has been away from the music industry for some time. Still, fans are eagerly awaiting the day when Rihanna will return to her roots and release new music.

Demi Lovato wants to ‘make out’ with Rihanna

Everyone seems to love Rihanna, and Demi Lovato is no exception. Recently, Lovato visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and talked about a past game of “Who’d You Rather” that she played with DeGeneres. The game involves the guest picking their favorite out of two celebrities. Lovato picked Rihanna in every single round of the game. When DeGeneres called out Lovato for her Rihanna favoritism, Lovato defended her choice, saying that “look, I just wanna make out, OK? I mean, we could do a song together too. Maybe we make out in the video, I don’t know.”

DeGeneres pointed out that Rihanna should give Lovato a call for that suggested collaboration. Lovato also admitted that she is single, perhaps offering even more incentive for the singer to chat her up in the coming weeks. Fans might be able to look forward to some new music from both Lovato and Rihanna – assuming the two do manage to talk!