Dick Strawbridge’s Net Worth: The ‘Escape to the Chateau’ Star Is Worth More Than You Might Think

Dick and his wife Angel rose to fame with their home renovation show Escape to the Chateau. The two stars have taken their viewers and fans for seven seasons through their journey to renovating their 19th-century chateau into a classy and elegant home. Escape to the Chateau has only gotten more popular with every season, and so has the Strawbridges’ fame and income. In fact, Escape to the Chateau’s star Dick Strawbridge’s net worth might surprise you.

What is the show’s concept?

Dick and Angel Strawbridge on 'This Morning.'
Dick and Angel Strawbridge on ‘This Morning.’ | This Morning/YouTube

Escape to the Chateau is a home renovation TV show that focuses on Lieutenant Colonel Dick Strawbridge and his partner Angel as they trade in their two-bedroom apartment for a rundown old French chateau. With a limited budget, the couple begins working on the chateau tirelessly to restore the property to its former glory.

The pair have to renovate all 45 rooms and improve the vast land around the chateau, which sometimes proves to be a massive task for the couple, who envision a spectacular venue for events such as weddings. The Strawbridges each have their areas of expertise when it comes to the renovation process, with Dick focusing on the working systems around the home while Angel works on the décor.

Recently, fans caught a glimpse of one of the remodeled rooms inside of the chateau and were left in awe. The couple shared pictures of one of the bathrooms they worked on with their fans on social media. The bathroom featured emerald green tiles, a carved wooden table, and a copper bath that proved how much the Strawbridges intended to stick to the chateau’s antique aesthetic.

How much is Dick Strawbridge’s net worth, and how does he earn his money?

Escape to the Chateau isn’t Dick’s first rodeo. The star has appeared on several shows and has acquired a lovable onscreen presence. Aside from his military rank, Dick is also a TV presenter. He was popularly known as the face of the Scrapheap Challenge, which he hosted a while back.

The 61-year-old retired from the Royal Corps of Signals in 2001 and has an honors degree in Electrical Engineering, which explains his prowess when it comes to installing electrical systems around the chateau. Dick also had a stint on Celebrity MasterChef in the summer of 2010. The multifaceted star reached the final alongside that season’s winner Lisa Faulkner and runner-up Christine Hamilton.

He had an unfortunate incident involving food poisoning after eating a “dodgy oyster” on the show. Luckily, the other contestants didn’t fall ill as well. Aside from Scrapheap Challenge and Celebrity MasterChef, Dick has appeared on The Biggest Railway in the World, Bargain Hunt, Ready Steady Cook, CarPool, and Easy Being Green.

Although the star’s exact net worth isn’t known, The Sun estimates that the Escape to the Chateau star is worth over $2 million based on the chateau’s valuation. He and Angel undertook renovations on the property on a tight budget, but thanks to the remodeling coupled with their appearance on the show, the couple’s net worth is expected to have risen.

Will viewers get another season of ‘Escape to the Chateau’?


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Escape to the Chateau premiered in June 2016 and has, without a doubt, caught on with fans. The show has been around for four years, with filming for the seventh season wrapping up in 2020. The noticeable delay of another season has prompted fans to question whether the hit show would be making a comeback.

Although the network hasn’t announced the release date yet, Express reports that filming for season 8 is underway, meaning fans might have to wait a bit longer for a new season. The Strawbridges have been equally busy with the show’s spinoff Make, Do and Mend, and are also preparing for a tour scheduled for 2022 — which possibly explains season 8’s delay.