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Michael Weatherly and Sasha Alexander starred across from one another in NCIS as Tony DiNozzo and Kate Todd, respectively, for two seasons. Before Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David swept in — winning fans’ hearts seemingly overnight — Kate Todd was DiNozzo’s field partner. Agent Kate Todd was smart, combat-ready, and in charge. She put clues together, and she was an asset to the team.

Former NCIS stars Michael Weatherly and Sasha Alexander
Actress Sasha Alexander and Actor Michael Weatherly | Michael Bezjian/WireImage

DiNozzo and Todd worked together, took down criminals together, and were in several of the same scenes. However, what was the Alexander-Weatherly dynamic behind the scenes? Did Alexander and Weatherly get along? Based on Alexander’s statements following Eliza Dushku’s sexual misconduct allegations against Weatherly, one would assume that the two boasted quite the solid friendship (and continue to do so). 

Sasha Alexander on her former ‘NCIS’ co-star Michael Weatherly 

A while back, reports surfaced surrounding Eliza Dushku’s sexual misconduct allegations against co-star Michael Weatherly for his behavior on the set of Bull. Reports emerged from both sides, as Michael Weatherly came under fire. 

CBS wound up paying the actress $9.5 million to settle the claims, and she was removed from the show — a controversial decision that received criticism in the court of public opinion. Some argued that the show should have been taken off the air, others argued Weatherly should have been replaced, while some stepped up to defend Weatherly. One of Weatherly’s defendants: Sasha Alexander. 

Sasha Alexader took to Twitter to express her love and admiration for Michael Weatherly when the news above surfaced. She stated:

I have been in trenches w/ my friend ⁦@M_Weatherly⁩. Always laughs, true friend & [heart emoji] as big as they come…

The Hollywood Reporter

Sasha Alexander’s comments came soon after Pauley Perrette’s, who also took to Twitter to describe her relationship with Michael Weatherly. She explained that she loves, trusts, and knows the actor well, citing her two decades of friendship with the actor as proof. 

Based on Sasha Alexander’s comments, it goes without saying that the two definitely got along on set, as they went on to develop a close friendship, even following Alexander’s exit. Yet, if Sasha Alexander got along with everyone on set, and there wasn’t much behind-the-scenes drama, what led to her departure? 

Why did Sasha Alexander leave ‘NCIS,’ and what is she doing today?

In short, it has been reported that the workload was too much for Alexander, as the show’s schedule is very intensive. Looper noted that she explained to showrunner Don Bellisario (when he was still the producer), “I just can’t work this hard.” Bellisario reportedly persuaded the network to let her go, leading to her peaceful exit, and Cote de Pablo’s entrance. 


Who Did Sasha Alexander Replace in ‘NCIS?’

Today, Sasha Alexander is best known for formerly starring as Isles in Rizzoli & Isles. She starred across from Angie Harmon in the hit show that ran for seven seasons from 2010 to 2016. Alexander also appeared in 2019’s FBI, 2020’s Amazing Stories, Dangerous Lies, and more.