Did Peacemaker Kill His Brother?

In Episode 4 of HBO Max’s new DC superhero series,  Peacemaker, Emilia Harcourt reveals that Chris’ file has a note about his brother’s death. And after seeing the superhero’s chilling flashback, some fans are wondering if he killed his older brother. 

An ARGUS file insinuates Peacemaker killed his brother

John Cena as Peacemaker in HBO Max's 'Peacemaker' show
John Cena in ‘Peacemaker’ | HBO Max

Peacemaker, Episode 4,  “The Choad Less Traveled” drops clues about Peacemaker’s (John Cena) tragic past. When Chris visits his father, Auggie (Robert Patrick), in prison, he gets chastised for working with the government. But then Auggie suggests he loved Chris’ older brother far more. 

Then, when Chris meets up with Harcourt (Jennifer Holland), she tells him that his ARGUS file suggests he had something to do with his brother’s death. She doesn’t say that he killed him, but does mention he was involved. ANd upon hearing this, Chris doesn’t deny it.

In the final scenes of the episode, Chris has flashbacks of his childhood. And in one brief scene, a boy, likely his brother, falls to the ground with a bloody nose. 

‘Peacemaker’ fans don’t think the superhero did anything intentionally 

Peacemaker admittedly doesn’t mind killing men, women, or children that stand in the way of peace. But after seeing how much he’s been bullied by his dad, it’s easier to understand why he’s this way. And knowing what a good heart he has, some fans don’t think he killed his brother, at least not intentionally. 

“What I got from the brief flashbacks of Peacemaker’s childhood is that it looked like his father got him to train fight with his brother but one day it looks like Peacemaker accidentally hit him in the head or something and sent him into a seizure,” a Reddit fan speculated. “He died and his father had to cover it up otherwise he’d be held responsible.”

“I am betting that Chris was being bullied and instead of ‘manning up’ his brother had to come in a protect him and got himself killed because of it, ” another Redditor added.  “His father blames him for his other son’s death because he wasn’t ‘man enough’ to take on his bullies.”

John Cena suggests Peacemaker is genuine and believes in what he’s doing 

Fans won’t know what happened to Peacemaker’s brother until it’s revealed in the show. But no matter what his involvement, it’s apparent the superhero has good intentions. And that’s something series’ star John Cena believes is the best thing about the superhero. 

“I think every character is driven by what they believe is right,” the Peacemaker actor said in a recent interview with Neotizen News. “I think Peacemaker is interesting because audiences have a different view of that. That’s OK. I think that’s what’s interesting about the show.” 

“Peacemaker isn’t 100% good,” Cena added. “Peacemaker isn’t rotten to the core. I think it’s that pulling to both of the sides that makes the show very interesting and very engaging. People can have different perspectives and not be wrong.”

Hopefully, the question of how Chris’ brother died is resolved by season’s end. New episodes of Peacemaker air Thursdays on HBO Max. 

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