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More and more, streaming services are taking over the marketplace. If a movie or TV show isn’t available to stream, it’s at risk of fading from the public consciousness. No wonder so many new streaming services are emerging right now. For Disney fans, Disney+ then must have come as a relief. Still, there’s still a lot missing, including one particular fan favorite.

The Disney+ logo
The Disney+ logo | Hakan Nural/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Disney+ has a deep library of movies available to stream

When the Disney+ announcement came, the studio focused on the breadth of content the streaming service would offer. In addition to Disney classics, it features distinct channels for Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic. And while not all of these sub-categories are complete, they do include the vast majority of content fans might expect.

But the broader Disney brand features a lot more than any of these other channels. The live-action and animated theatrical releases are mostly accounted for. When it comes to TV shows and movies, it becomes less likely that Disney+ has been quite as thorough. Brie Larson’s 2003 Disney Channel movie Right on Track is there, for instance, but some titles aren’t.

But the streaming service doesn’t have 1 movie fans really want

Among the titles shockingly missing from the Disney+ catalog is 1997’s Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. The film stars Brandy Norwood as the titular princess and Whitney Houston as her Fairy Godmother. In addition to casting two popular music stars, this adaptation of the classic fairy tale features a remarkably diverse cast.

Of course, the story of Cinderella is one Disney has tackled before. But the 1997 version felt fresh and different. As part of ABC’s The Wonderful World of Disney line-up, Cinderella was a ratings smash for the network and was released on DVD years later upon demand from fans. So why then is this Cinderella not available to stream?


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Even Brandy doesn’t know why her ‘Cinderella’ is missing from the site

Rolling Stone recently caught up with Norwood about her new album, B7. And the magazine took the opportunity to ask her about why Cinderella is trapped in the Disney vault.

I absolutely don’t have any insight into that! I have no idea why isn’t it on Disney+. It should be on there because it’s Whitney Houston alone. You know what I mean? All by itself, just because it’s Whitney Houston. So I don’t know. … Maybe Disney can come on up and scoop up Cinderella. That would be awesome. I would love that.

Clearly is as awestruck now at having had the opportunity to work with Houston as she was then. Cinderella was produced by Disney. So technically there’s no apparent reason why it’s not streaming yet. Perhaps fans can persuade the studio to add it. Meanwhile, Cinderella fans can watch the 1950 animated film now. The 2015 live-action remake debut Sept. 1, 2020.