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While many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s older kids have grown up and moved out, it’s Jedidiah and Jeremiah’s turn to take that step. The twins are 21 years old and ready to leave the huge Duggar family home. And thanks to Counting On, viewers got a sneak peek into what the twins’ new living situation looks like.

While Jed and Jeremiah might be happy with what they’re working with, Duggar family critics appeared to notice the twins took their younger sisters’ beds for their new place. Here’s what’s happening.

‘Counting On’ showed Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar moving into a new place

It’s typical for the Duggar kids to wait until they’re married to move out of the huge family home. But such is not the case for Jed and Jeremiah. Jed is trying to get his political career going, and it’s clear Jeremiah was also ready to get out on his own. For that reason, they found a new house — but the setup surely isn’t typical.

YouTuber Without a Crystal Ball went through Jed and Jeremiah’s new place. Upon first entering the home, there’s a huge ping pong table — and there’s no other furniture in sight. As for their bedroom, the twins decided to share one room. The home allegedly has multiple rooms, so they don’t have to sleep in the same one. But the video footage of their place shows they have two twin beds side by side for themselves.

Jed and Jeremiah have a spare room as well — and they have bunk beds for visitors. We’re not sure how the twins plan on furnishing the rest of the place, but Joe and Josiah Duggar stopped by at some point and brought them lawn chairs for inside.

Duggar family critics think the twins took their younger sisters’ beds

With multiple bedrooms, it’s odd enough that Jed and Jeremiah decided to have two beds in one room. But it’s even stranger to imagine they took their twin beds from their siblings. According to eagle-eyed Reddit users, that’s exactly what happened.

“The beds the twins used in their apartments are the beds from the girls’ room,” a Reddit user noted. “Jennifer and Jordyn are SHARING a bed and their ADULT brothers took them.”

This spurred further discussion with other Redditors.

“That’s horrible. Clearly, they can afford a new bed,” another commented. “Why not just take them from the boys room?”

Others wondered if there are more empty beds in the Duggar family home that fans just aren’t remembering, so it would make sense for Jed and Jeremiah to take a few that weren’t being used.

“There’s at least four extra beds in the girls bedroom because of the older sisters who’ve married and left the house,” another explained. “Or with five girls left, there’s at least more beds than there are girls in the room at this point.”

Jed and Jeremiah’s move is causing controversy overall


‘Counting On’: Family Critics Don’t Believe Jedidiah and Jeremiah Duggar Are Actually Living on Their Own

Whether the young girls in the Duggar household have their own beds or not, that’s far from the only reason everyone’s talking about Jed and Jeremiah’s move.

We know Jim Bob is infamous for “selling” his homes to his kids, but sometimes the homes aren’t really sales at all — they’re gifts. Without a Crystal Ball believes this could be the case for Jed and Jeremiah’s place. It looks like their place could have been one of Jim Bob’s properties that Jim Bob gave them to stay in.

Counting On fans will surely see plenty of Jed and Jeremiah at the big family house, too. The twins joked that they’re not good cooks because they don’t have women in their lives teaching them — so there’s no doubt they’ll be heading back to Michelle for a meal. And we’ll have to wait and see how long they stay in their place or if either of them enters a courtship that threatens the balance between them.

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