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Jill Duggar is known for being the rebellious Duggar in the family. According to her husband, Derick Dillard, she doesn’t have much correspondence with her father, Jim Bob Duggar, anymore. And it seems her decision to send her kids to public school will likely dig an even deeper division between her and her Christian fundamentalist parents.

Now, Jill’s posting content about preparing Israel for school. And Duggar family critics think Jill’s going to have a seriously tough time once her son starts bringing home his public school knowledge.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard decided to send their son, Israel, to public school

Jim Bob and Michelle are known for homeschooling all of their 19 kids — but Jill and Derick are going their own way. They announced to Instagram that they’re enrolling their 5-year-old son, Israel, into public school.

“Look who’s registered for kindergarten!” Jill captioned her post from February 2020.

Fans are more excited than ever to see Jill sending her kids to school, too. They commented supportively on the post of Israel.

“I’m glad your giving your kids the gift of worldly education,” one fan commented. “Being exposed to contrary beliefs will teach your children to embrace the core beliefs you instilled him.”

“Jill I think it’s such a wise and amazing decision to put your boys through public school!” another wrote. “They deserve the opportunity to have a strong and proper education and make new friends!!!” 

Jill posted a video of prepping Israel for school

It looks like Jill’s prepping Israel for kindergarten with some back-to-school shopping. In August 2020, she posted a video showing her and Derick with the kids as they ventured out to prep their oldest son for the big day.

“We are gonna go school supply shopping because it’s tax-free weekend,” Jill explained in the video. “So, we’re gonna go get Israel school supplies.”

The video then showed Jill and Derick taking their kids into Walmart to get everything on Israel’s list.

“You got all your school supplies!” Jill tells Israel as he’s sitting in the cart in Walmart. “Are you so happy to start school?”

To that, Israel replies, “Yeah,” and shows some of his supplies to Jill’s camera.

Once the Dillards get home, Jill shows Derick helping Israel assemble his backpack for school. And their younger son, Samuel, seems to want to help as well. We’re sure Jill and Derick will make the same schooling decisions for Sam as they are for Israel.

Duggar family critics think Jill is going to have a tough time seeing Israel learn


‘Counting On’ Fans Offer Jill Duggar Advice After She Enrolls Her Son in Kindergarten

Fans and critics alike are excited for Jill to send her kids to public school, as they’re about to have a totally different educational experience than she had growing up. But some critics also suspect it’s not going to be easy for Jill. Israel’s likely to start learning about many topics Jill never touched upon under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof — and it might not be easy.

“Jill is about to go through another major paradigm shift when she ‘experiences’ real school through Israel’s eyes,” a Reddit user noted. “Mark my words, she is about to rebel even more.”

“I don’t have that experience but I can only imagine,” another commented. “When Jill sees her sons thriving in public school, and watches them grow and learn and receive a real education, she is going to be absolutely heartbroken for the child she once was.”

“It’s going to hit her hard when she sees how much her parents lied to her about public school,” yet another added. “I can’t imagine how painful it will be to watch her sons have great childhoods where their only ‘duties’ are going to school, doing a few light chores, and playing.”

We’re excited for Israel to experience public school and for Jill to have an experience all her own. And we’re hoping Jill and Derick continue to keep their followers updated.

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