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Dynasty was famous for its cat-fight scenes between Joan Collins and Linda Evans, however, those cat-fights weren’t easy on the actors. In fact, they had to be done in a very specific way so that no one was hurt. Here’s a look at how the actors survived these stunts — and which fight was Collins’ favorite.

Joan Collins wearing a hat
Joan Collins | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Did Joan Collins and Linda Evans enjoy fighting on the show?

One aspect of Dynasty that caught viewers attention was the contentious relationship between Alexis Carrington Colby, the ex-wife of oil-tycoon Blake – played by John Forsythe – and his former secretary and now new wife, Krystle Carrington, played by Linda Evans. The relationship between Alexis and Krystle could get so hot that it might end up in a TV cat-fight. The fact that the two characters were dressed to the hilt in jewels and heels never stopped the action – and kept viewers glued to their TV sets.

Did the actors enjoy the cat fight scenes? Fox News reports Sue Cameron of The Hollywood Reporter and author of Hollywood Secrets and Scandals often had a viewing seat at the brawls. Cameron stated, “They enjoyed the fight scenes a lot.” She continued, “They both really looked forward to them. But they also realized they could get hurt. So it was very choreographed.” The cat fights could include hairpulling, nail scratching, and the occasional knock-out blow.

The Dynasty theme

How ‘Dynasty’ cat-fights were filmed

Did the actors actually do all the fighting? Collins and Evans did not do all the fighting in the scenes. Cameron explains further “And it was done with a combination of doubles for Joan and Linda and then Joan and Linda for the close-ups. They really loved them. In fact, they became so popular that they would invite members of the press to watch the fight scenes.

Joan Collins really liked this ‘Dynasty’ fight

Which cat fight was the most memorable for the actors? Interestingly, the actors have different takes on which brawl they see as the most iconic. Collins told Attitude her favorite was the one in which she wears a blue dress, is knocked out by Krystle, and then slides down the wall with her skirt up in the air. She refers to the scene as the “feather fight scene.” Evans talked about the fight that took place in a lily pond. She told Yahoo! Entertainment that the actors fought on their knees because the pond was so shallow and knee pads were used by both actors. Of the fight in that pond, she said “It worked a little better for me than it did for Joan.”

Another version of the Dynasty theme

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Were Joan Collins and Linda Evans friends?

Did Joan Collins and Linda Evans get along on the set? Collins is clear that she and Evans were not friends and that their relationship was one of co-actors on set. The Chicago Tribune reports Collins as saying “We didn’t entertain each other or go to dinner.” Evans speaks in a similar vein, “we didn’t really have that many scenes together. We’d go days at a time without seeing each other.” Perhaps after the hair pulling and nail scratching, it was just easier for them to maintain their distance.