Elizabeth Olsen Knows What Paul Bettany Would Have Been If He Wasn’t an Actor

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany star opposite one another in the Disney+ Marvel series WandaVision. The show explores Wanda’s fractured mind, and how she copes with her trauma — via sitcom stylings of days gone by — until her bubble implodes. Bettany and Olsen have been working together in the MCU for quite some time now; thus, it should come as no surprise that they have come to know each other rather well. 

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen at Ace Comic-Con
Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany ACE Comic Con | Mat Hayward /Getty Images

During a discussion the duo had for Interview Magazine, Olsen was even able to pinpoint the career Bettany would have most likely fallen into had he not become an actor. Lucky for viewers, Bettany has been quite successful for a handful of years now, appearing in the MCU, Legion, The Da Vinci Code, Mortdecai, Uncle Frank, and more. Yet, had the whole acting thing not worked out, where would Bettany be today? 

Elizabeth Olsen said Bettany would have been a ‘writer or journalist’ 

During their talk for Interview Magazine, Bettany and Olsen were presented with a list of questions similar to those that newlyweds would play on the newlywed game. However, the inquiries were a tad more targeted to the performance profession. Olsen asked:

Are you writing? I was looking at these newlywed questions here—what do you think the other person would do for vocation if they weren’t an actor? And I was thinking writer or journalist. Am I completely off by that?

Olsen | Interview Magazine

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Olsen knows that Bettany enjoys writing in his spare time, so she took a guess that best aligned with his passions — at least the ones she knows of. And, Bettany agreed that her presumption was rather on the mark. 

Speaking of writing, ‘WandaVision’ star Paul Bettany said ‘I think it’s the only other thing I could have done’

Responding to Olsen’s guess, Bettany said: 

No, I think that’s a really good answer. I think it’s the only other thing I could have done. 

Bettany | Interview Magazine

Bettany and Olsen also went on to note the superpowers they would want to have in real life. Bettany admitted that he normally says flying but would rather boast the ability to make surfaces slippery. This way, “if there’s somebody who’s an as*hole on set, or a politician that you didn’t like, you could just point your finger and make the ground really slippery and they’d slip over…” 

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Olsen shared that whenever she gets asked that question, “it was always the power to heal. It was so sincere. Some kind of physical manifestation of compassion.” In short, Bettany wants to write some stories and make people he doesn’t like fall as Olsen heals the world.