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Much ado has been made about Elvis Presley‘s diet. While it is common knowledge how much the king of rock and roll loved home-cooked foods that reminded him of his childhood, he also enjoyed some unusual treats. The entertainer’s stepbrother Billy Stanley revealed the one sweet mashup that was a favorite movie snack of the king of rock and roll.

Elvis Presley eating a sandwich in 1958.
Elvis Presley eating a meal in 1958 | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Elvis Presley’s favorite movie snack mashup was a sweet concoction

One of Elvis Presley’s favorite ways to be entertained was to rent out a local movie theater and screen current and classic films. In the 1960s, Elvis used to rent the Memphian Theater to watch films with his friends. These viewings were often all-night affairs.

During these screenings, Elvis would have tailor-made snacks to enjoy during the film. Stanley shared his story on Spa Guy’s YouTube channel.

Stanley spoke of a sweet mashup, one of the king’s favorites. “When he came in, there would be his water, Pepsi, popcorn, [and] Sweetarts.”

He continued, “He would take Pepsi and put sweet tarts in it. So when you get finished with it, at the bottom, they would be laying there, and it’d be really soft, so you don’t have to really chew on them that much.”

Stanley also revealed Elvis was regularly served all his favorite sweets and snacks throughout the screenings. He liked eating Butterfinger candies on a silver platter as well.

Elvis reportedly liked to sit in a specific spot in the theater

The interior of the Memphian theater was relatively small. There were no aisle seats at the time. Therefore, for an optimum movie viewing experience, Elvis Presley wanted to sit dead center.

“He didn’t like sitting on the side,” Stanley explained. “Even if it wasn’t that much. He wanted to be dead center in the middle of the room.”

Elvis wouldn’t allow anyone to sit in front of him. When Stanley recalled Elvis’ marathon movie nights, the singer was involved with Linda Thompson. Elvis also rented movie theaters when he was dating Ginger Alden, his fiance at the time of his death in August 1977.

Stanley pointed out that Linda would sit to Elvis’ right in the center of the theater during screenings. He then turned to the back of the movie house and explained that everyone else would sit behind the king of rock and roll.

During the movie, Elvis held court with members of the Memphis Mafia. He even had an ashtray ready and waiting for him so he could smoke cigars during the pictures.

Stanley shared, “He [Elvis] would sometimes talk during the movie, but when the action parts come, he’d get quiet. But if it were slow, he would talk a little bit.”

What was the last movie Elvis Presley saw before he died?


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Four days before his death, Elvis Presley saw a private screening of the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me. However, the film was not at the Memphian but at the Southbrook Movie Theater.

Initially, Elvis took his daughter Lisa Marie Presley and his girlfriend Ginger Alden to the cinema in the hopes of viewing the recently released Star Wars film. However, Elvis’ entourage couldn’t get their hands on the movie for personal screening.

Stanley recalled how he would pick up the latest releases for Elvis’ enjoyment. “All the movies we saw weren’t actually in the theatres at the time,” he explained.

He continued, “They were just in transit around all over, and Memphis had a big hub going to all these cities. I would go and pick them up and take them back.”

After seeing The Spy Who Loved Me on August 12, Elvis drove Lisa Marie and Ginger home to Graceland. Lisa sat on Ginger’s lap, eating popcorn as they were captured in a photo at the gates.

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977, at Graceland. He is buried on the property in what is known as the Meditation Garden.