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Hassie Harrison is lighting up the screen in Yellowstone, captivating audiences with her portrayal of Laramie. At just 33, the Dallas native’s rising star in acting is as clear as the Montana sky in the hit series.

Joining her in both the drama of the Dutton Ranch and real life is her boyfriend and fellow Yellowstone actor, Ryan Bingham. Their romance, kindling both on and off the set, adds another layer to the show’s gripping narrative.

Hassie Harrison enjoys her time in the ‘Yellowstone’ limelight

At 33 years old, Harrison is carving out a successful career in the acting industry. Originating from Dallas, she’s best recognized for portraying Laramie on Yellowstone and Lucy on Tacoma FD

Additionally, she played a leading role as Mazie in the 2018 movie The Iron Orchard. Her most recent appearance was on the latest season of Tacoma FD

Harrison’s filmography includes appearances in productions such as Dementia (2015), Quasi (2023), Back to Lyla (2022), Max Reload and the Nether Blaster (2020), and Southbound (2015). 

In Yellowstone, she joined the cast in its third season, introduced in 2020, as a ranch hand and competitive barrel racer at the Dutton Ranch. 

Harrison’s character Laramie is romantically involved with Walker, played by Ryan Bingham. This on-screen romance mirrors reality, as Harrison and Bingham are also partners in real life.

‘Yellowstone’ star goes public with her romance with Ryan Bingham

Back in April, Bingham took to social media to confirm his romance with Harrison. 

On Instagram, Bingham posted a snapshot of him and Harrison sharing a kiss against the backdrop of a blazing bush fire. Bingham hinted at their chemistry with a brief caption, implying a fiery connection.

“More than a spark,” he wrote, while Harrison added in the comments, “I love you, cowboy.”

On Yellowstone, Bingham embodies the role of Walker, a reformed criminal and ranch hand. Harrison’s Laramie, meanwhile, has brought a whirlwind of drama to the bunkhouse. 

Laramie’s dalliances on the show, from Lloyd, the seasoned ranch hand, to Walker, lead to heightened drama among the crew.

Their conflicts play out with passion, featuring everything from the destruction of musical instruments to physical confrontations. This is a signature drama for Yellowstone fans.

Everything to know about Ryan Bingham

Prior to his romance with Harrison, Bingham wrapped up his divorce proceedings with Anna Axster in June 2021. The couple has three children together.

Before his Yellowstone days, Bingham clinched an Academy Award for Best Original Song with “The Weary Kind” from the film Crazy Heart. Besides contributing to the movie’s soundtrack, Bingham dipped his toes into acting in this movie starring Jeff Bridges.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bingham recounted an on-screen moment with Bridges with excitement, playfully noting that it was a peak experience to have shared screen space.


‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Has No Plans to Kill Off Kevin Costner’s John Dutton in a ‘F**k You Car Crash’

“It was pretty cool,” he shared back in 2010. “I mean, hell, we got to smoke a joint with the Dude! What else is there after that? It’s like, ‘F—, I’m gonna die a happy man.'”

Most viewers, however, recognize Bingham for his role in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone. The latest season of this western series experienced delays due to industry-wide strikes, but those issues have since been ironed out. 

With production now gearing up, fans anticipate the show’s return in 2024.