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Joel McHale has built a successful career as a comedian and actor. And a recent collaboration has him jokingly call out Chris Evans, suggesting he has somehow eclipsed the Marvel superstar. But how does McHale’s success compare with Captain America’s? Although both celebrities have done well for themselves, Evans isn’t likely to be nervous about his competition anytime soon. 

Joel McHale has enjoyed a successful Hollywood career

Joel McHale and Chris Evans
Joel McHale in August 2022 | Todd Owyoung/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

McHale began his path to fame in the ’90s as a member of an improv comedy group in Seattle. He must have stood out in the gig because, by 2004, he had landed a job as the host of the E! Network show Talk Soup

That opportunity launched his career, and he hasn’t slowed down since. He’s appeared as a judge on shows like Iron Chef America and RuPaul’s Drag Race. He’s also guest-starred on TV shows such as CSI: Miami and starred in the series Community. He’s also been in movies, including Spider-Man 2 and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. In 2020, he hosted The Tiger King and I, an inside look at the wildly popular Netflix docuseries Tiger King. 

McHale has accumulated an impressive net worth through his long and eclectic career. He’s reportedly worth $14 million today. But even though he has a comfortable amount of money in the bank, he’s not done bringing home the bacon. 

The comedian landed a deal with a liquor brand

Joel McHale recently inked a deal with the Scotch whisky brand Monkey Shoulder. But if you’re expecting another celebrity-endorsed liquor, you’re not quite right. 

Instead of creating a whisky blend, McHale worked with Monkey Shoulder to make Monkey Musk, a fragrance evoking the scent of the blended malt whisky. The fragrance reportedly features notes of “zesty orange, vanilla, honey, and spiced oak,” according to Robb Report.

This isn’t the first time McHale has collaborated with Monkey Shoulder, and he expressed his enthusiasm in a press release: 

“I’m thrilled to be working with Monkey Shoulder again to launch the incredible Monkey Musk Fragrance, although I’m a little shocked it’s taken me this long to secure a fragrance deal. That said, I am grateful and humble and IN YOUR FACE CHRIS EVANS.”

McHale is clearly proud to have landed a fragrance deal as Evans did a decade ago (documented by a steamy set of ads for Gucci Guilty). But does it really put the funny man in a position to boast?

How does Joel McHale’s success compare with Chris Evans’?

Chris Evans and Joel McHale have worked together in the past, appearing in the 2011 movie What’s Your Number? Of course, since then, Evans’ career has exploded exponentially, largely thanks to his role as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Celebrity Net Worth reports that Evans is among the world’s highest-paid actors. 

Although Joel McHale’s net worth of $14 million is nothing to sneeze at, Evans has easily eclipsed him with a cool $80 million. He might also have a fragrance deal, but McHale hasn’t quite caught up to his fellow actor yet. 


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Of course, McHale is a comedian at heart. He’s aware his fragrance deal hasn’t put him in the same ballpark as Evans, but that won’t stop him from cracking jokes about it. Ultimately, he seems to be enjoying his life and the sweet scent of success.