Fans Can’t Keep It Together After This Heartbreaking James Blunt Music Video

James Blunt is an English singer-songwriter who is best known for heart-wrenching ballads like “You’re Beautiful.” Blunt has been in the music industry for two decades and has won numerous awards. His fans love him for his ability to translate simple lyrics into very emotional songs that can convey complex feelings. Recently, Blunt reached new levels of heart-tugging when he released his newest music video and caused fans everywhere to experience a mass meltdown.

How did James Blunt become famous?

James Blunt at the 'GQ Men of the Year' awards in 2019
James Blunt | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

James Blunt was born in England in 1974. He was born into a military family and for many years, moved every two years with his family in order to accommodate his father’s ongoing military service. Blunt was a good student and excelled at many different academic subjects, including chemistry, engineering, and sociology. He also gravitated to his father’s line of work and developed an interest in motorcycles and vehicles.

Blunt served in the armed forces for years and all throughout the ’90s was mainly focused on serving his country. Still, he developed a keen interest in music and brought his beloved guitar along with him on many of his military assignments. In 2002, Blunt left the military with the intention of beginning a musical career.

Over the next several years, James Blunt signed to a record label and began writing and recording songs. Blunt struggled for a while to attract critical attention, but after the release of his song “You’re Beautiful,” he became popular throughout both the United States and the United Kingdom. In the years since, Blunt has consistently released new music, with other popular singles including “High,” “Same Mistake,” “Stay the Night,” and “Goodbye My Lover.”

What is his new music video about?

In January, James Blunt released a brand-new music video to coincide with his latest single, and it is quite possibly the most emotional project that he has ever been involved in. The “Monsters” video features Blunt looking directly into the camera, slowly losing his composure as he sings the deeply personal lyrics. As the video progresses, Blunt ends up breaking down completely and lets the tears fall.

The video also features Blunt’s father, who is in the midst of battling a devastating kidney disease. It is clear that Blunt’s sadness in the video is linked to his father’s impending fate and that he is struggling, on camera, to maintain any form of composure.

The music video isn’t the first time that Blunt has addressed his father’s illness – previously, he sent out a plea for organ donors that might be a match for his father and help to extend his life. Still, the process of creating the song and the video hasn’t all been devastating sadness for Blunt. As he revealed, it “has been an amazing moment because when you realize your father’s mortality, it’s a great opportunity to say the things I’d like to say to him.”

What are fans saying about James Blunt’s new music video?

The fan reaction to James Blunt’s new “Monsters” music video was immediate. Some fans recorded their emotional reactions to the song and posted them on Twitter in a show of solidarity, with many stating that they can relate to the abject feeling of sadness that the song conveys. There have been many fans praising Blunt for his willingness to feature such an emotional subject, commending his heartfelt lyrics. Of course, there were a lot of well-wishes posted for Blunt’s father, with fans stating that they hope he is feeling well and even sharing pictures of their own fathers.

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