‘Fantastic Four’: 1 Dream Cast for the Upcoming MCU Film

Although Fantastic Four was initially supposed to cap off Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige revealed during Marvel’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 that the upcoming film would kickstart Phase 6. So we have a long way to go before seeing the superheroes team up on the big screen. In the meantime, we’ve put together a possible Fantastic Four cast.

Kevin Feige, who announced 'Fantastic Four' but not the cast at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, stands onstage. Feige wears a dark blue suit over a black shirt, black pants, and a black baseball hat.
Kevin Feige | Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

John Boyega as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic in the ‘Fantastic Four’ cast

This dream casting for Fantastic Four might be a shot in the dark, but once we got this idea into our heads, we couldn’t get it out. John Boyega would be the perfect actor to play Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic.

We know there is some tension between him and Disney after he spoke out about his character Finn being sidelined in the Star Wars sequels. But stranger things have happened, and there’s always a possibility that Boyega could play a Marvel superhero. Preferably, the actor would appear as Reed Richards in the MCU.

Boyega showed off his acting chops in the Star Wars films, and there’s no doubt he could handle being a part of a major film franchise. Hopefully, he’ll follow in his Star Wars co-star Oscar Isaac’s footsteps and join the MCU.

Sydney Sweeney as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

Sydney Sweeney is one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars, and the actor is just getting started. She has gained recognition for starring in The White Lotus and Euphoria, both of which earned her Emmy nominations. And hopefully, her talent will earn her a spot in the Fantastic Four cast as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman.

Yes, we know that Sweeney is set to star in another superhero film — Madame Web. However, that movie is a part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Plus, Sony is currently filming Madame Web, which has an Oct. 6, 2023 release date. It’s plausible that Sweeney could star in Fantastic Four, which will premiere in late 2024.

Fortunately for her, Sweeney is very busy these days. But we’re holding onto the dream of Marvel casting her in Fantastic Four. Sweeney would positively nail the character of Sue Storm.

Jordan Fisher as Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Although Jordan Fisher is technically older than Sydney Sweeney, we could imagine him playing Johnny Storm/Human Torch in Fantastic Four.

Fisher could flawlessly play up all of Johnny’s boyish and immature qualities. And he’s no stranger to playing an impulsive superhero — pun intended. Fisher occasionally stars as Bart Allen/Impulse in The Flash on The CW, and his character always makes mistakes.

It’s time for Fisher to take his superhero acting skills to the big screen in the Fantastic Four cast. He is beyond talented, and there’s no better role for him than the Human Torch.

Joe Keery as Ben Grimm/The Thing

Stranger Things is ending after season 5, which means that many talented young actors will soon be available for Marvel to grab. And this includes Joe Keery.

Keery could theoretically play Reed Richards or Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four, but we think he’s the perfect fit for Ben Grimm/The Thing. His dry comedic timing as Steve Harrington would suit him well for Ben. Plus, imagining Keery as a giant CGI rock-covered superhero is fun.

Rumors have tied other Stranger Things cast members to Fantastic Four, so it’s not entirely unreasonable to imagine Keery joining the MCU.

Dev Patel as Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom rounds out the ‘Fantastic Four’ dream cast

Marvel has yet to confirm that Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom has a role in Fantastic Four. However, many expect this to be the case. Doctor Doom plays a big part in “Secret Wars” in the comic books, and we now know that that’s the direction Marvel is heading in the Multiverse Saga.

It would make sense if MCU: Phase 6 begins with the Fantastic Four fighting Doctor Doom, which would lead into Avengers: Secret Wars. And we believe that Dev Patel should play the villain.

Some fans imagine Patel as Reed Richards, but we would rather see him as Doctor Doom. Villains are much more fun to play anyway, right? And Patel is versatile enough that he would thrive in the MCU as one of Marvel’s most iconic bad guys.

Fantastic Four premieres on Nov. 8, 2024.

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