‘FBoy Island’ EP Wants Fans To Tell Him What They Hate About the HBO Dating Show

HBO’s FBoy Island Season 2 is back, and executive producer Elan Gale knows viewers hate parts of the show. The creator, who produced The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, wants to know what fans hate about the reality TV dating competition. He hopes to listen to fans’ complaints and improve FBoy Island Season 3. 

HBO ‘FBoy Island’ producers listened to fans and haters from season 1 to develop season 2

In a recent interview, Elan Gale explained that FBoy Island Season 2 is even better than the first installment. That’s because the producers listened to their audience, their haters, and fans.

“We loved season one,” Gale explained. “And we got tremendous feedback from both the fans and the haters. And we really applied all of that to season two. We like to listen and see what is working.”

The producers want to know what’s working and what they should change.

“People are familiar with the format,” Gale told Parade about season 2. “There’s less of a shock and awe campaign. And so we are going to have to rely much more on being actively invested in the people that are on the show. And I think because there’s less format to explain in season two, we get to spend more time with everybody. And we get to know them better and understand them a little bit better. I think that just makes it feel like a very different show.”

‘FBoy Island’ creator Elan Gale wants to know what the audience thinks of the HBO reality TV show

In the future, Gale added that the FBoy Island producers want to know what viewers love and hate about season 2 of the HBO series.

“Hopefully, people love it,” he continued. “And then hopefully, they tell us what they hate; I’m sure they will. And then season three, we’ll try to fix that. Hopefully, this series just ends up being an ongoing conversation between all of us making the show and the audience watching the show so we can continue to deliver what they want with some surprises.”

Elan Gale wants to create an ‘FGirl Island’ in the future

In another interview about FBoy Island Season 1, show creator Elan Gale shared his dreams of creating an entire franchise out of the HBO reality TV show.

“My hopes are to create what I’m calling the “F-person Cinematic Universe including Fboy IslandFgirl Island, and Fperson Hotel,” he told TV Line.

'FBoy Island' Mia Emani Jones and Kian Lewis sitting together
‘FBoy Island’: Mia Emani Jones and Kian Lewis | HBO Max

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Gale also would like to include LGBTQ contestants in the future. It’s not surprising that the creator wants to expand the franchise after coming from ABC’s Bachelor franchise. The Bachelorette airs season 19, while Bachelor in Paradise heads into season 8.

“It’s something that I think is imperative,” he added. “[It’s] something that we are talking about, thinking about, and hopeful to get on as quickly as possible.”

The first three episodes of FBoy Island Season 2 are available for streaming on HBO Max. Three additional episodes drop on July 21. Then two episodes hit the streaming giant on July 28, and the final two episodes will air on August 4.