‘Floor is Lava’ is Making People Cringe

There’s a lot of trash TV that’s on the air these days, but we can’t help but love it anyway, even though we might feel a little guilty about it. One of those guilty pleasures is Floor is Lava, a new obstacle course-style game show that’s streaming on Netflix. The show actually has achieved a lot of success and quickly rose to Netflix’s Top 10. Some people are clearly loving the ridiculous game show, but others think it stinks and wants Netflix to take it down.

Fans went on Twitter recently to talk about how cringey and awful this show is. Why do they hate it so much?

What is ‘Floor is Lava’?

In this hilarious competition show, grown adults play the same game that we all played as children when we bounced around on furniture pretending that the floor was lava. Of course, it’s a lot harder than jumping around from couch to couch. It seems almost impossible for teams to get across the entire obstacle course without something knocking them into the “lava.” If you do end up making it across the room without falling, though, you win the grand prize of $10,000.

The main reason, undoubtedly, that most people watch this ridiculous show is to watch people take tumble after tumble into the “lava.” It’s cruel, but it’s hard to deny it’s hilarious to watch people get knocked down. However, it’s also clear that many of the competitors are pretty strong athletes; if not, they wouldn’t even be able to make it through even half of the room with the challenges they’re presented with. They’re not that athletic, though, and the challenges almost always get them in the end.

Some people think ‘Floor is Lava’ is terrible

Although Floor is Lava has a huge fan base, even including celebrities, there are others who think it’s cringe-worthy and want Netflix to take it off their service. One person recently tweeted, “Floor is Lava is the most cringe and trash show I have ever seen take it down” and tagged the streaming company. Many others agreed. “I had 2nd hand embarrassment just watching it,” someone responded. Another expressed confusion about why Floor is Lava has such a huge fan base: “I just wanna know how it is #1 trending …,” one critic of the show commented.

It is confusing that such a silly show would be so immensely popular, but maybe everyone is so bored from being at home that the laughter the show provides is a welcome relief.

Some people, though, had a different explanation of why the show is trending. “Guys, [it’s] trending on Netflix because it’s meant for KIDS. my 5-year-old nephew can’t get enough of it lol. It’s the first thing you see when you go to kids Netflix. It’s supposed to be like a Nickelodeon type of show,” someone explained. That makes sense; we all remember those Nickelodeon game shows from the ’90s.

Fans still love it even if it’s cringe-y

The show’s loyal fans might admit that the show is cringe-y, but they still love to watch. “The purposeful cringe is what makes it beautiful,” a Twitter user explained very eloquently. Others agreed that what makes Floor is Lava is so good is the fact that it’s cringe-y: “BRO I LOVE THAT SHOW *BECAUSE* ITS SO BAD,” they tweeted with a laughing emoji. 

It’s hard to deny that it’s hilarious watching person after person get knocked off their feet and fall into the “lava.” We definitely see the appeal.