‘Get Organized with The Home Edit’: Netflix Organizing Show Is Casting for Season 2

Need some help jump-starting your spring cleaning? Home organizing pros Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the team behind The Home Edit, are here to help. Last year, the pair’s Instagram-friendly approach to organizing became a Netflix series, Get Organized with the Home Edit. Now, the series is coming back for season 2. Producers are looking for people who need some serious organizing help to be on the show. 

How to get on ‘Get Organized with The Home Edit’

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In Get Organized with The Home Edit Season 2, Shearer and Teplin will be conquering more clutter as they work to transform the lives of their clients. The upcoming season will feature even more ambitious organization projects, plus several celebrities who surprise deserving friends and family with room makeovers. 

Right now, producers are looking for people who’d benefit from Shearer and Teplin’s eye for organization. If you — or someone you know —  have a space that needs to be transformed, you can apply to be on the show. 

Specifically, they’re looking for people who would have their life changed by having The Home Edit team organize one of their rooms. Those who recently experienced a major life event, such as welcoming a new family member or becoming an empty nester, and need a room refresh are also invited to apply. So are those who are chronically short on time or energy and desperately need organizing help

You can apply or nominate someone to be on Get Organized with The Home Edit by visiting the show’s Casting Crane website. Applications are open through April 12, 2021. 

How to hire The Home Edit — and how much it costs 

Clea and Joanna organizing a closet
Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin in Get Organized with The Home Edit | JOHN SHEARER/NETFLIX © 2020

Applying to be on The Home Edit’s Netflix show isn’t the only way to get access to Shearer and Teplin’s organizing expertise. You can also hire a pair of organizers from The Home Edit to help you get your space under control. To be fair, Get Organized with The Home Edit’s stars probably won’t personally sort through your clutter. However, you’ll still benefit from the knowledge of pros who are experts in their approach. 

Depending on where you live, you’ll pay between $185 and $250 per hour for the services of two organizers. In-home services are available in nine U.S. cities and regions, including Atlanta, Nashville, New York City, Detroit, and Los Angeles. You can get more details on The Home Edit’s website. 

If in-person services aren’t an option for you, The Home Edit also offers video-chat consultations. A 1-hour consultation with The Home Edit costs $250 and can be broken into two, 30-minute increments if you like. A more in-depth, 3-hour package is ideal for those who need a little extra organizing help and costs $525. A virtual DIY service, which includes emailing with an expert about your project, instructions, and a shopping list, is $425.   

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