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The idea of ghosts has intrigued people for decades. Many sites report that they have had hauntings. Graveyards and asylums tend to be popular locations for spiritual encounters. There is even speculation whether Buckingham Palace is haunted. Even if a person does not believe in the paranormal, they may still find TV shows and movies of the genre entertaining. Ghost Whisperer deals with communicating with spirits. One cast member revealed possible real-life hauntings on the set. 

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda on 'Ghost Whisperer', frowning
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda | Sonja Flemming/Getty Images

Why was ‘Ghost Whisperer’ canceled?

Ghost Whisperer is a supernatural television series that first aired in 2005 on CBS. The story follows the life of Melinda Gordon, who can see and speak with ghosts. She and her family live in New York, and she owns a store called Same as It Never Was, which she runs with her best friend. The spirits visit Melinda in hopes she can relay a message or complete a task. Once Melinda does it, the ghosts can rest in peace.

Jennifer Love Hewitt starred as Melinda, and the role earned her two Saturn Awards for Best Actress on Television in 2007 and 2008. Other cast members include Aisha Tyler and David Conrad. Elisabeth Moss from The Handmaid’s Tale also appeared in Ghost Whisperer. The show lasted for five seasons and had over 100 episodes. It ended in 2010 after CBS canceled the supernatural series due to a decline in viewership. 

Ghost sightings and other hauntings on the set

A lot of people enjoy a good ghost story. Some people believe in the paranormal, and several of them have recalled personal experiences with spiritual activity. However, others remain skeptical of the possibility that ghosts roam the mortal realm. It would seem that not even production sets are safe from ghostly encounters. According to IGN, the cast and crew of Ghost Whisperer reportedly witnessed a few hauntings while filming. Hewitt revealed in an interview that some of the lights exploded. 

“Sure. I think it’s really cool and exciting and we’ve had all kinds of things happen. My makeup artist, we took a picture of her, and she had sort of this white film over her face, and then we took a picture of her 10 minutes later in another part of the thing, and there was nothing. And we had James [Van Praagh] look at it, and he said ‘Absolutely. There’s a ghost attached to her.'”

‘Ghost Whisperer’ isn’t the only haunted set


‘The Omen’: The Spooky Story Behind the Film’s Fabled Curse

There is something about the supernatural fiction genre that attracts hauntings and other strange events to sets. Ghost Whisperer is not the only production that had something occur to its cast and crew. One of the most well-known examples is what happened to many of the people who worked on The Exorcist. The film centers around demonic possession and exorcism. Nine people associated with the movie died. Two of the actors permanently injured their backs while filming, and part of the set caught on fire. 

Poltergeist also had spooky encounters while filming. One of the accidents included a prop malfunction. A scene in the film has a toy clown strangle the boy. The toy’s mechanism failed to operate properly, and the actor allegedly got choked. Some fans believed the crew used real skeletons, which they think contributed to the curse. Before they shot scenes for The Crow, an anonymous voice message warned them not to make the film. Later, a hurricane destroyed the set, marking the beginning of the disasters. Actor Brandon Lee died before he could finish filming.