‘Ginny & Georgia’: The Real-Life Age Gap Between the 2 Main Actors Is Quite Minimal

Netflix’s new hit drama Ginny & Georgia features a mother-daughter duo who understand each other (deep down), despite being quite different in almost every way. Georgia had Ginny when she was just a girl, and she has spent her life running away from a past she wishes to keep miles behind her. 

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Georgia yearns to provide a better life for her children — Ginny and Austin; yet, consistently moving at whim does not make for the most stable upbringing. Ginny and Georgia butt heads frequently, as Ginny questions her mom’s parental decisions and comes to suspect that she’s hiding pivotal information from her children. In the show, Georgia is a young mom, yet, in real life, the actors behind the characters are much closer in age than the casting director would like viewers to believe. 

Georgia had Ginny when she was 15 

In Ginny & Georgia, Georgia got pregnant as a teenager, and she and Georgia’s father (Zion) are no longer together, despite the fact that tensions brew and romance ignites whenever they are close. 

Ginny is a sophomore in high school, and has a birthday party in the show, making her 15 going on 16 throughout much of the series. If Georgia was 15 when she had Ginny, she would be 30-31 in the show’s present timeline. In the show, the two boast about a 15 year age gap; however, the actor behind Ginny, Antonia Gentry, is playing a character much younger than she is. 

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Antonia Gentry is 24 years old; Brianne Howey is 31 years old 

According to MarieClaire, Atonia Gentry is 24 years old, making her nearly a decade older than the high-schooler she is playing in the Netflix original series. On the other hand, Georgia was cast quite appropriately when it comes to age, as her character is virtually the same age Brianne Howey is.

Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry boast a six-year age gap and could be best friends who go out for drinks together on the weekends. 

While Antonia Gentry’s acting chops make her believable as a high school teenager, there’s a reason it may be hard to fathom that these two actors are mother and daughter (even when accounting for the fact that Georgia is a young mom). If Ginny actually looked 15, it would be a bit more believable, but Ginny looks more like a college student than a high school one, making the characters’ age differences not so believable.