‘Ginny & Georgia’: What Will Come of Ginny, Georgia, and Austin in Season 2?

Ginny and Georgia dropped on Netflix at the end of February 2020 and quickly became one of the most-watched shows on the platform. Described as a darker and more poignant Gilmore Girls, the series tackles many topics — from sex and drugs to familial dysfunction, abandonment issues, love, abuse, and more. 

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Though the title would lead one to believe the show is mostly about the mother-daughter duo Ginny and Georgia, most of the supporting characters get their time in the spotlight – with dramatic plotlines all their own. Yet, with the cliffhanger that comes as the end of season one, what’s next for Ginny, Georgia, and Austin? 

[spoiler warning for Ginny & Georgia, season 1] 

‘Ginny & Georgia’ creators talk season 1 

During an interview with The Oprah Magazine, show creator Sarah Lampert and showrunner Deborah J. Fisher discussed the first season, explaining that they have only begun to scratch the surface of these characters. She shared: 

“Season 1 really did feel like a season 1. We just started uncovering some of the layers for all characters, across the board, that we want to dive into. Deb and I are hoping we get the chance…”

If the show gets renewed for another season, the show will likely examine the fallout of Ginny’s recent decision to leave town with her brother Austin. Speaking of Ginny, Fisher said, “She’s doing exactly what her mother does: Always running.” And, where are they running? 

A few theories abound: they may either be going to stay with Zion — for a bit less drama and a bit more honestly. Or, some theories suggest they may be taking a trip to find Austin’s father. Yet, it goes without saying that Ginny, Georgia, and Austin will eventually reunite, and Georgia will have to mend her relationship with both children.

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Ginny and Georgia have a great deal to figure out in season 2 

When speaking about the show, Lampert defined Ginny and Georgia’s relationship as the “third character” in the show; thus, this will be the bond that drives the plot forward. She said: 

“The relationship between Ginny and Georgia is the third character in the show…It lives on its own. It’s constantly changing and evolving. There are so many scenes where the two of them are communicating with each other over everyone’s head. They’re intrinsically wound.”

The Oprah Magazine

While they understand each other intimately, both Ginny and Georgia can never fully grasp the other’s life. And, that paradigm is what will continue to drive the show forward in season two. And, as for Austin, Georgia has some serious explaining to do, since she’s been lying to him for years.