Glen Powell ‘Violently Puked’ Back Into His Own Face While Inverting in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

Top Gun: Maverick actor Glen Powell went through a rough time preparing for the movie with his co-stars. Tom Cruise wanted to make sure that the film came across as real as possible. Powell “violently puked” in the worst way possible while he was filming Top Gun: Maverick.

Miles Teller said that some ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ cast members threw up in the aircraft

'Top Gun: Maverick' actor Glen Powell wearing a suit and smiling in front of the movie step and repeat
Glen Powell | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Jimmy Kimmel Live previously brought Miles Teller onto the show to talk all things Top Gun: Maverick. He explained how difficult the training was inside of the jets. The cast went through extensive exercises to get as comfortable as possible, as experts flew them around. However, he revealed that some cast members repeatedly threw up.

Naturally, Kimmel wanted to get to the bottom of who had the most difficult time filming the movie. He most recently brought on Powell to discuss his experience filming Top Gun: Maverick. The actor admitted to being one of those who had a miserable time adjusting to the impact of flying in the jets, but his story got so much more detailed.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ actor Glen Powell admitted that he ‘violently puked’ into his own face in an F-18

Powell explained that he got extremely sick multiple times while filming Top Gun: Maverick. However, audiences would never guess from the finished film. Cruise really reinforced making sure that everything was done in the most legitimate way possible.

“I threw up a lot during this movie,” Powell admitted. “When it comes to Tom Cruise, he wants to do everything legit all the way through. So, we were up in the back of planes this entire movie in the back of real F-18s.”

Powell continued: “If you want to get a sense of Top Gun, there was this one day where we were basically flying through the canyons called Star Wars Canyons, this really famous run. We’re flying like 100 feet off the ground, 500 knots, weaving through these canyons, you invert, you reorient, you come back, you drop a bomb, you pull up, seven and a half Gs. You’re doing it over and over and over.”

“At one point, I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to puke,'” Powell recalled. “So, I tried to sneak my vomit bag because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of this naval aviator. These guys are tough, they’re cool, and I’m the actor in the back of the plane. I didn’t want to be that guy.”

Powell explained: “So, I just said, ‘Hey, Fisty, why don’t we just settle out. I just want to check out the view.’ He’s like, ‘You good back there, man?’ I’m like, ‘Nah, man. I’m good. I’ll be ready to rock and roll. Just give me a second.’ I just started violently puking in this bag, but the problem is the microphone is also the mask.”

“So, I ripped off my mask and he didn’t hear the last part,” Powell said. “So, as I’m violently puking in this bag, I just hear in my comms, ‘Well, buddy, if you’re ready to rock and roll. Let’s rock and roll.’ He just inverts the plane, pulls down, and so I’m puking into the canopy. I’m looking at the ground here (points up) and the puke that I just puked is being puked back into my face. “

Glen Powell said that he didn’t clean it up

Kimmel, the studio audience, and Powell himself laughed at his gross Top Gun: Maverick story. However, the talk show host had one burning question in the back of his mind that he just had to ask. Kimmel inquired who was responsible for cleaning up the mess of vomit inside of the jet.

“You know, the Navy has been good to us,” Powell joked with a smile. “I don’t think we’re gonna make a sequel because of this reason. It’s probably just me.”

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