Guy Fieri’s Least Favorite Foods Might Be Your Least Favorite Too

Guy Fieri is one of the most outspoken chefs on the Food Network. Everything about Fieri is loud, from his voice to his hairstyle.

Fans are divided on Fieri’s talent as a chef, as well as how likable the TV host is — still, Fieri is one of the Food Network’s leading stars, and currently appears on a handful of shows, including the perennially-popular Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Recently, fans took to Reddit to discuss Fieri, and which foods the chef has claimed to detest. 

What is Guy Fieri best known for?

Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri | Robert Reiners/Getty Images

Guy Fieri was born in Ohio in 1968. From an early age, he developed a love of food and of being in the kitchen. Fieri studied abroad in France, furthering his knowledge of various culinary techniques, and ultimately deciding that he wanted to pursue a career in the restaurant industry.

Once he returned to the states, Fieri set to work building his empire, working in a slew of restaurants before eventually opening his own.

In the early 2000s, Fieri began appearing on the Food Network, making a splash in the second season of The Next Food Network Star. His first hosted series was Guy’s Big Bite, which premiered in 2006, but it wasn’t until the 2007 premiere of his show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, that he really cemented his status as one of the Food Network’s biggest stars.

Over the years, Fieri has appeared on a slew of other programs, all while continuing to manage his restaurants and to devote a great deal of time to charity projects

Guy Fieri is a controversial chef

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In spite of Guy Fieri’s success on the Food Network, there are a number of viewers who don’t really like certain aspects of the star. Fieri has received criticism for supposedly promoting foods that are unhealthy, including burgers and fried food. Others have slammed the fact that Fieri has no real formal culinary training, in spite of the fact that he has extensive experience in the restaurant industry and studied in France.

Additionally, some viewers take issue with the way that Fieri speaks, claiming that he uses “corny” verbiage. Finally, Fieri’s distinctive hairstyle has long been a point of contention with viewers, with many finding the spiky style off-putting.

Still, Fieri has his defenders, with many pointing out that the chef does a lot for charity and is completely unpretentious, unabashedly proclaiming his love of food in all its forms. There’s no doubt that Fieri is passionate about cuisine — with only a few exceptions.

Some fans on Reddit recently discussed Fieri’s least favorite foods, revealing that a few of them are surprisingly relatable.

Guy Fieri revealed his least favorite foods

Guy Fieri is notorious for his hatred of cooked eggs, most notably scrambled or fried eggs. Still, there are some other foods that Fieri tries his best to avoid.

“Guy also doesn’t like liver,” one fan on Reddit wrote. Another detailed, “Guy recently re-watched his pilot episode of DDD with his wife and sons (Ryder’s first time watching it) and it had tidbits about Guy and the show. One of the fun facts about Guy were his least favorite foods are ‘liver, (uncooked?) eggs, and baby shrimp.’ In another DDD episode I saw within the same week, Guy was visibly squeamish over watching someone make haggis for him to try.”

Fieri’s least favorite foods are appropriate for his on-screen persona, since he often comes across as an “everyman” who loves pizza, bratwurst, and classic chicken sandwiches.