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When Hailee Steinfeld made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, fans immediately fell in love with her character. Kate is a fangirl of the Avengers, similar to fellow MCU newcomer Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel. So both Kate and Kamala are reflections of how any Marvel fan would feel while meeting an Avenger. But whereas Kamala has a set future in the MCU, Kate’s next MCU outing is unknown.

Hailee Steinfeld, in character as Kate Bishop in 'Hawkeye' Episode 6, wears her purple superhero suit and has her bow in her hand.
Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop | Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

Variety reports that Hailee Steinfeld’s future as Kate Bishop is bright

Following the announcement of the Emmy nominations, Variety published an article that compiled all of the nods for the Marvel Disney+ shows. The piece highlighted Loki, Hawkeye, and Moon Knight. But when they started discussing the future for these series, an exciting tidbit about Hailee Steinfeld popped out.

According to Variety, sources claim that the actor has signed on to reprise her role as Kate Bishop in multiple MCU projects. Whether the sources are referring to a potential Hawkeye Season 2 or not remains to be seen.

Marvel has yet to confirm this report. But fans might hear more about Hailee Steinfeld’s future as Kate Bishop during Marvel’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2022.

What happened in the ‘Hawkeye’ finale?

Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop was going through a bit of a family crisis when fans last saw her during the Hawkeye finale. The expert archer had just learned that her mother, Eleanor, was working with Kingpin. And not only was she tied to a dangerous criminal, but Eleanor had also hired Yelena Belova to kill Clint Barton, murdered Armand Duquesne, and framed her fiancé Jack.

It’s safe to say that Kate was going through it. But she kept her composure — for the most part — and worked with Clint to stop the Tracksuit Mafia at Eleanor’s holiday party. While there, Kate discovered that her father owed money to Kingpin. And so, when he died, her mother took on that burden.

Later, Kingpin tried to take out Eleanor because she wanted to cut ties with him and the Tracksuit Mafia. And despite their conflict, Kate stepped in to save her mother. She and Kingpin fought, and Kate defeated him with trick arrows.

At the end of the finale, the police arrested Eleanor for Armand’s murder. And on Christmas Day, Kate joined Clint and his family to celebrate. As for what’s next for Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, only Marvel knows.


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Hailee Steinfeld comments on Kate Bishop’s future in the MCU

Before the Hawkeye finale aired on Disney+, Hailee Steinfeld revealed if Kate Bishop is ready to take on more challenges as a superhero in the future.

“She, I think, is forced into the reality of what it means to be a superhero,” the actor told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s not all jumping from buildings and making people smile. There’s, as she says, collateral damage that that can go along with it.”

Steinfeld continued, “But that doesn’t stop her. I think it throws her, and it alters her outlook, but it doesn’t stop this burning fire within her to ultimately help people and protect people. She knows she’s capable of that. And I think that that alone can take us anywhere.”

Hawkeye, starring Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, is available to stream on Disney+.