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Halsey is one of the many, many celebrities to drop a beauty product line on adoring fans in recent years. It can be easy for these celebrities to simply trot out in front of the camera, wow an already attentive audience with some flashy marketing, and push a product forward that isn’t actually very effective

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Halsey | Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

In fact, that’s exactly what expert beauty columnists like Tamim Alnuweiri says happens with most celebrity beauty brands. However, Halsey’s isn’t one of them. In fact, Alnuweiri gave Halsey a coveted top-choice slot on her list for InStyle. Let’s take a closer look to find out why! 

Who is Tamim Alnuweiri?

As her profile for InStyle explains, Alnuweiri is a writer who has covered many topics, including fashion, wellness, and music. With nearly a decade of experience, her contributions to InStyle lean heavily on beauty coverage, and she’s become a seasoned writer who frequently brings in-depth expert insight into her reporting on skincare, makeup, and more. 

As her bio states, “She stays up to date and informed by regularly interviewing and consulting leading experts in the beauty industry, including dermatologists, makeup artists, and aestheticians.” Her work has been published in many leading publications, including PEOPLE, Health, Shape, and Southern Living, in addition to InStyle. 

In other words, Alnuweiri’s coverage of beauty products is thorough, tested, and expansive. Her recommendations are backed with evidence. 

Tamim Alnuweiri recommends Halsey’s brand over many celebrity options

Writing in March 2022, Alnuweiri had harsh words for the trend of celebrity beauty brands. “Even as someone whose job is to literally keep up with beauty releases, I sometimes find my head spinning,” the writer explained.

She went on to say she had tried “virtually every celebrity-created” makeup and skincare product and found most of them lacking. Many are a veneer of flashy marketing without any so-called “hero products” (a brand’s main defining product) or effective ingredients to make them stand apart. 

That was not the case for Halsey’s brand About-Face. What started as a trial of Paint-It Matte lipstick ended with her getting multiple shades of Matte Fluid Eye Paint and eventually trying practically every product in the extensive line. She concludes she is “not even slightly exaggerating when I say you can’t go wrong with anything from About-Face.”

In particular, Alnuweiri found the long-lasting application of the Eye Paint to be impressive. The “vivid, bold” look is one that lasts long into the night, and it can also be blended into liquid for a more subtle look. Another product from About-Face that caught Alnuweiri’s positive attention was the Light Lock Lip Gloss.

Lip gloss as a revived trend wasn’t winning over Alnuweiri, but the About-Face version changed her mind. “It has absolutely no stick or tack to it,” she wrote. In fact, Alnuweiri loves About-Face so much that three of her personal 10-product routine options come from the brand, according to an article she wrote for InStyle earlier in 2022. 

What other celebrity brands does Tamim Alnuweiri recommend?


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While Halsey certainly gets lots of love from Alnuweiri, the writer had some other recommendations within the celebrity beauty trend. Selena Gomez’s brand Rare Beauty impressed with Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation and Soft Pinch Liquid Blush. Both products go on smooth and help provide a glowing look that’s “vibrant, fresh, and healthy.” 

Another winner was Rose Inc from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. After thinking that the products were “too minimal,” Alnuweiri eventually came around to their appeal. She explained that they’re a great option for a little boost “without having to commit to my full-fledged routine.” They may be subtle, but they provide “effortlessly chic” looks.