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House of Gucci has critics and audiences chatting all about the performances. Moviegoers teased the actors’ accents in the trailers and sneak peeks. Lady Gaga and Adam Driver lead an impressive cast that caught the attention of audiences via marketing materials. Director Ridley Scott recently said in an interview that Gaga’s method acting even fooled him into believing that’s how she actually is in real life.

Lady Gaga went to extreme lengths to get into ‘House of Gucci’ character Patrizia Reggiani

'House of Gucci' review star Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani wearing a fur coat and lowering her sunglasses
Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani | Metro Goldwyn Mayer

House of Gucci‘s Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani. The character comes from humble beginnings but becomes consumed with the desire for power and wealth. She meets Maurizio Gucci (Driver) at a party and seeks him out. They fall in love, although he soon discovers that she’s willing to go to extreme lengths to obtain the Gucci fortune. As a result, Patrizia seeks the ultimate method of vengeance.

Vulture reported that Gaga went into method acting for the first time while filming House of Gucci. She studied a panther’s movements to incorporate that energy into her performance. Additionally, Gaga worked with a dialect coach to capture the Italian accent. Critics praised Gaga’s performance itself, but have criticized her accent which sounds more Russian than Italian.

Lady Gaga’s ‘House of Gucci’ method acting even fooled Ridley Scott

Scott explained in a recent interview that Gaga’s method approach took him aback. He wasn’t entirely sure if she normally spoke with the accent. Co-star Jared Leto plays another Gucci family member named Paolo Gucci, who also performed method acting for House of Gucci. He was known for method acting in other projects including his performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

“Well, at first I forgot,” Scott said about her accent to Vulture. “Because she was so in character every minute of the day I saw her. Even socially, she was right in character. So I thought, I think this has always been her. But it wasn’t.”

Scott continued: “Similar to Jared Leto. He works in a very similar fashion. Once he goes in, it’s like he’s immersed, and he doesn’t come out and breathe for air until he’s finished.”

Critics are mixed on ‘House of Gucci’


‘House of Gucci’ Movie Review: The Lady Gaga Crime Drama Injects Hollywood Into the ‘Father, Son, and House of Gucci’

The House of Gucci critic reviews are mixed. They praise the movie’s entertainment value in its over-the-top aesthetic and sense of confidence. However, critics marked the movie down for its disappointing drama at the movie’s core. Nevertheless, the consensus positively receives Gaga’s performance. It appears that her method acting ultimately paid off.

Gaga is currently in the awards conversation. She’s quite likely to get an Oscar nomination at the end of the year. She will compete against other strong performances, such as Spencer‘s Kristen Stewart, The Tragedy of Macbeth‘s Frances McDormand, Being the Ricardos‘ Nicole Kidman, and The Lost Daughter‘s Olivia Colman. Stay tuned for more information as Oscar nominations are officially announced.