‘How I Met Your Father’ Fans Believe Sophie Ends up With Jesse, but There’s a Catch

The premise of Hulu‘s How I Met Your Father is the same as How I Met Your Mother. Both shows rely on the mystery of who the parents are of the main character’s children. For How I Met Your Mother, fans had to wait eight seasons before the show revealed who the mother was of Ted’s kids. And How I Met Your Father only has one season, which means that fans are hard at work trying to discover who the father of Sophie’s child is, and one of the candidates is Jesse.

Hilary Duff and Chris Lowell, who play Sophie and Jesse in 'How I Met Your Father,' share a scene while sitting at a bar. Sophie wears a light brown coat over a white shirt. Jesse wears a dark blue jacket over a white shirt.
Hilary Duff as Sophie and Chris Lowell as Jesse | Photo by: Patrick Wymore/Hulu

Sophie and Jesse hooked up in ‘How I Met Your Father’

The chemistry between Sophie and Jesse was evident from the pilot episode of How I Met Your Father. Unfortunately, Sophie was chasing Ian, a guy she met on Tinder, and Jesse was still reeling from his failed marriage proposal to Meredith. After Ian moved to Australia, Sophie and Jesse agreed just to be friends because they weren’t ready to get serious.

Later in How I Met Your Father Season 1, Sophie met Drew, and they started dating. But sparks continued to fly between her and Jesse, and they reached a point where they couldn’t deny their feelings. Sophie and Jesse kissed in episode 8, but she was still dating Drew at the time. After, she told Jesse that she would break up with Drew so that they could be together. And she did.

Sophie and Jesse slept together in the How I Met Your Father Season 1 finale. Unfortunately, she heard him say that he loved her in his sleep, which scared her. Sophie encouraged him to go on tour with Meredith, and they broke off their relationship.

After Robin Scherbatsky imparted some advice to Sophie, she rushed back to his apartment to tell him she had made a mistake. But Sophie saw Jesse reuniting with Meredith before she could do anything. And to further their problems, Ian showed up at Sophie’s art show at the end of the episode.

Fans don’t think Jesse is the father of Sophie’s son in ‘How I Met Your Father’

Fans have many ideas regarding who the father of Sophie’s kid is in How I Met Your Father, and some believe it could be Jesse. However, one person posted their theory on Reddit, and it introduced an intriguing solution to the show’s mystery.

“I’m gonna just make a wild guess. She ends up with Jesse, but the kid isn’t his,” the fan wrote.

Another person pointed out, “That will be like [the How I Met Your Mother] ending, but at least Robin couldn’t have kids, not sure what excuse they gonna use for Jesse.”

If How I Met Your Father follows the same path as How I Met Your Mother, it would make sense if Sophie and Jesse end up together, but he’s not the father of her child. And some fans believe that one of her other love interests could be the father.

“I think Ian is the father, but she’ll wind up with Jesse,” one user said. Another fan added, “I think she’ll end up with Ian based on how her son reacted when she mentioned the boat, but they’ve since divorced, and she gets with Jesse at the end.”

Everything we know about season 2

Thankfully, fans will soon get more clues regarding who the father is because Hulu renewed How I Met Your Father for a second season. Perhaps How I Met Your Father Season 2 will provide more intel into Sophie and Jesse’s future.

The upcoming season will contain 20 episodes, and it could premiere as early as later this year.

Showrunners Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker spoke to TVLine about when fans could expect new episodes. Berger revealed that Hulu “wants us back on the service sooner than later.”

Aptaker added that they are “hoping to be back in production” on How I Met Your Father Season 2 “this summer. As soon as we’re done [with This Is Us Season 6], we’re diving back into [How I Met Your Father] with our writers. And a show like this moves really fast.”

How I Met Your Father Season 1 is available to stream on Hulu.

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