How Many Kids Does Tony Bennett Have, and With How Many Wives?

Fans of Tony Bennett know him for the incredible music contributions he’s made over the years. Now, in 2021, he’s 94 years old — and he’s still married to his third wife, Susan Crow. Prior to Crow, Bennett had two long-term marriages and a number of kids. Here’s how many kids he has and with whom.

Tony Bennett had 2 kids with his first wife, Patricia Beech

CEO Danny Bennett (L) and Tony Bennett attend the Universal Music Group's 2019 After Party
CEO Danny Bennett (L) and Tony Bennett attend the Universal Music Group’s 2019 After Party | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

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Bennett met Beech way back in the early 1950s. According to Glamour Path, Beech was an art student in Ohio when she first met Bennett after he performed in a night club. The two married in 1952.

Unfortunately, it seems Beech had difficulty with Bennett’s alleged affairs. The two divorced in 1971, though they had two children together — D’Andrea “Danny” Bennett who was born in 1954, and Daegal “Dae” Bennett who was born in 1955.

Danny seems to be particularly instrumental in helping his father coordinate his albums. “I don’t just handle a career, I manage a legacy,” Danny said, according to Billboard. And he played a very prominent role in ensuring “Duets II” from Bennett would be a success.

“The bar was very high after ‘Duets,'” Danny added. “In working ‘Duets II,’ I had two main goals: One was to raise our digital sales. The other was to bring our foreign sales up.”

Tony Bennett had 2 more children with his second wife, Sandra Grant

Danny Bennett, Antonia Bennett, Tony Bennett, Dae Bennett, and Joanna Bennett attend 'Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet To Come' at Radio City Music Hall
Danny Bennett, Antonia Bennett, Tony Bennett, Dae Bennett, and Joanna Bennett attend ‘Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet To Come’ at Radio City Music Hall | Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

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Aside from Bennett’s oldest kids, he went on to have two more children with Sandra Grant. He married Grant the same year he divorced Beech — 1971. The two had Joanna Bennett in 1970 and Antonia Bennett in 1974.

Grant and Bennett didn’t last, of course. And Grant had some strong words about the divorce. “Thank God, my divorce papers are finalized with Tony after all these years. I was not legally divorced until just a few months ago,” Grant told Page Six once the divorce was complete in 2007. “The Tony I knew is not the same smiley Mr. Nice Guy the world knows.”

As for the kids, Antonia is known for helping her father with his tours. She continues to honor him with her own music and travel with him. “I do kind of choose to stand in his light instead of his shadow,” she told the Chicago Tribune.

Back in 2017, Bennett attended Antonia’s gig, too. She was playing at a cafe, and he was there to give his love and support. “The audience loved it, I loved everything about my daughter,” he told Page Six.

Tony Bennett and his third wife, Susan Crow, don’t have any children

Bennett tied the knot with Crow in 2007, the same year he officially divorced Grant. And the two have been going strong, though their age difference has certainly been a hot topic of discussion. Bennett made jokes that he knew Crow in the womb, as he first met her mother when her mother was pregnant with her. All in all, they’re about 40 years apart, and they didn’t have any kids together.

It seems Crow is an integral part of Bennett’s life, and she likely has great relationships with his kids. Bennett’s admitted Crow inspired some of his song lyrics, and the two continue to express their love on Instagram frequently. We’re glad the entire family appears to get along.

So, will Bennett retire from music any time soon? It sounds like he’ll sing until it’s no longer possible. As his daughter, Antonia, said, “He’s still going great. There’s no reason to retire. He might be one of the lucky ones that get to do it forever.”

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