How Many Seasons Will ‘Ratched’ Have?

The season finale of Netflix’s Ratched set the show up for quite the dramatic second season. Mildred Ratched and Gwendolyn Briggs had jet off to Mexico where they stayed for nearly three peaceful years, but Edmund Tolleson was always on Mildred’s mind. The nurse knew her vengeful brother would track her down eventually, and the last moments of the season proved just that.

When Edmund called Mildred threatening her life, she threatened him right back, promising that she was coming for him too. And just like that, Season 2 has a juicy starting point. The Ryan Murphy thriller has officially been picked up for a second season at Netflix, but how many seasons will Ratched have? Ratched co-creator and executive producer Evan Romansky opened up about the show’s trajectory in a new interview.

Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon, and Judy Davis in Netflix's 'Ratched' | Netflix
Sarah Paulson, Cynthia Nixon, and Judy Davis in Netflix’s ‘Ratched’ | Netflix

‘Ratched’ co-creator Evan Romansky says the show could have multiple seasons

Speaking with Decider, Romansky said he and Murphy are hoping the show will span four seasons.

“Our plan is that we’re going to go past the two seasons,” he said. “Ideally, probably about four seasons. I think Ryan has really talked about doing four seasons. And we have an arc of where we want to go with it. So yeah, definitely. We have a lot to tell in the Mildred Ratched story. This character’s not, she’s not where she’s at in Cuckoo’s Nest. We’re really pushing her every season, that’s the goal.”

According to Romansky, the creative team has a general idea of where the show is going to go in its four seasons, but Season 2 hasn’t been fleshed out yet.

“We’ve had discussions,” he shared. “We haven’t had a formal writers’ room yet. The pandemic has just put everything behind, so we’re still trying to navigate that. Ryan’s got a lot of projects, so he needs to knock a couple out. We’re talking, though. I’m just getting ready to attack it.”

Sophie Okonedo, Jon Jon Briones, and Judy Davis in Netflix's 'Ratched' | Saeed Adyani/Netflix
Sophie Okonedo as Charlotte Wells, Jon Jon Briones as Dr. Richard Hanover, and Judy Davis as Nurse Betsy Bucket in Netflix’s ‘Ratched’ | Saeed Adyani/Netflix

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The ‘Ratched’ creators knew the peach and oyster scenes would be a hit

The Netflix executive producer also shared some of his favorite moments from Season 1.

As he said, “We all knew the peach scene was going to be a big one. Just having it in the trailer, we knew that that was going to really explode. The oyster scene, we knew that people would love. My personal favorite is I love the dance scene. Near and dear to my heart is Jon Jon [Briones]’s dancing ability. I was there on set when he was dancing, and I was blown away. I should have known, coming from Broadway.”

“He’s so hopped-up on drugs in the scene,” Romansky continued. “He communicates everything so well, you really believe that he’s just having this explosion of amphetamine. It’s a really, really fun scene. It just adds so much, too. It really makes it pop. So many of our supporting characters really did such a great job of commanding their screen time when they got it.”

Unsurprisingly, Romansky is just as big of a Sarah Paulson fan as the rest of us.

Speaking on her acting ability, he said, “Her control over the character was absolutely unreal. You write the character knowing what Sarah can do with it. But then once you actually see her doing it, you’re like, ‘Oh wow.’ She can just take the material and elevate it to a whole other level.”

Just imagine what she’ll be able to do with four seasons of Ratched.