How Much Money Does ‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar Make From Her New Podcast?

Jinger Duggar is branching out. The Counting On star and her husband Jeremy Vuolo have launched a podcast. The Hope We Hold will feature Jinger and Jeremy in “weekly conversations to explore the hope of Jesus Christ in both personal and practical application.”

In an Instagram Live on June 5 announcing the podcast, Jinger said that she and her husband “want to be able to connect with you all.” Both have urged people to send in questions for them to discuss in upcoming episodes. But in addition to connecting with their fans, Jinger and Jeremy stand to earn a pretty penny from their new podcast, should they choose to monetize it and if they can attract a lot of listeners. 

Jinger’s ‘The Hope We Hold’ podcast is already one of the top podcasts on Apple

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The Hope We Hold launched just a few days ago, with the first two episodes made available on June 5. (New episodes will release on Wednesdays.) It didn’t take long for Jinger and Jeremy’s podcast to climb the Apple podcast charts. 

On June 8, Jinger shared an image to her Instagram Stories of Apple’s top podcast charts. It showed The Hope We Hold at no. 17, just a few spots below well-known podcasts like NPR’s This American Life. 

Top podcasters can earn big bucks 

If Jinger and Jeremy’s podcast maintains or grows its popularity, the couple could stand to earn some big bucks. Podcasts brought in $479.1 million in revenue overall in 2018, according to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a number that was expected to grow to $863.4 by 2020. However, most of the money goes to a relatively small number of podcasts, according to a 2019 report in Bloomberg

Joe Rogan — who recently signed a $100 million deal with Spotify — earns $30 million from The Joe Rogan Experience, according to Forbes. The My Favorite Murder hosts make $15 million and financial guru Dave Ramsey earns $10 million. 

Advertising on the most popular podcasts costs about $25 to $40 for every thousand listens, according to The Atlantic, and with top programs attracting millions of listeners, it’s easy to see how the money adds up.  But most podcasts have an audience of about 130 people, according to Bloomberg, which means the average host isn’t making much — or any — money.  

Jinger and Jeremy’s probably aren’t making money from their podcast — yet 

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As of now, Jinger and Jeremy’s podcast doesn’t have any sponsors and is available for anyone to listen to for free, so it doesn’t seem that they are earning any money from the venture. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in attracting advertisers. Both have shared sponsored posts on their social media, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they tried to do something similar on The Hope We Hold. 

It’s also possible that The Hope We Hold is part of a larger effort by Jinger and Jeremy to build a brand apart from the Duggar family and Counting On. Perhaps we’ll see a book by the couple or — as some fans have speculated — their own reality show