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Actor Ian Somerhalder has one of those most interesting celebrity dating histories around. He tends to hit it off with the cast on the sets he works on. And the former Vampire Diaries star has a track record of getting romantically involved with more than a few of them.

Ian Somerhalder smiling
Ian Somerhalder | Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Somerhalder has the good looks of a former model, and CW sets are filled with the young and the beautiful. So what is it about the Lost star that makes him such a catch for some of the most famous names in television and film?

Ian Somerhalder has charmed several of his famous co-stars

Somerhalder is happily married these days. He settled down with Twilight actor Nikki Reed back in 2015. They had a child together back in 2017, and the V Wars star has put his dating days behind him, PopSugar reports.

Early in his career, Somerhalder hit it off with Kate Bosworth on the set of the Dawson’s Creek spinoff Young Americans in 2002. He wasn’t only associated with other actors, dating heiress Nicky Hilton and Miss Universe winner Lupita Jones for short stints.

Speaking of vampires, he was seen making out with a different Twilight star from the one he would marry. It didn’t go much further than that with Ashley Greene in 2009, however. Since 2014, Reed has been his one and only.

In between all of the above, however, Somerhalder was most famously tied to a Lost co-star. He also dated not one but two different women on the set of Vampire Diaries before settling into a somewhat quieter family life.

Somerhalder and ‘Lost’ co-star Maggie Grace hit it off after their time on the show ended

During his Lost days, Somerhalder developed a connection with his co-star Maggie Grace. The two went public as a couple shortly after their characters were written off the show. So why did they wait?

According to BuzzFeed, it’s because they were on-screen stepsiblings. The two had become fast friends and went down a romantic path in private. But they decided to wait until their characters had moved on from the show before going public.

The two broke up in 2007, to the surprise of many. They were regularly seen in public up to that point and always seemed cheerful. But perhaps that’s explained by the fact that they have remained friends in the years since. As recently as 2016, Grace made a point of saying that they’re still friendly.

As an aside, the former Lost actor would later find her way into the Twilight series. Something about Somerhalder seems to draw him toward people who play vampires on screen, apparently.

Nina Dobrev didn’t think she’d date a co-star until she met Somerhalder


‘The Vampire Diaries’: Who Has the Higher Net Worth, Ian Somerhalder or Nina Dobrev?

One of the biggest names on The Vampire Diaries was Nina Dobrev. She played both Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on the CW vampire drama. On-screen, she was part of one of the most popular plotlines on the show.

The will they/won’t they drama between her and Somerhalder’s Damon spurred fans to question whether the two could be dating in real life. Dobrev scoffed at the idea of dating a co-worker. She said she’d never do it, as it would be too messy if things went south. But in 2010, she broke her own rule and quietly began dating Somerhalder.

People reports that the pair had a lengthy relationship after going public in 2011. Diaries fans were, of course, beyond excited at the idea. But ultimately, the two mostly kept to themselves. They appeared at events for their show together and were often seen at charity galas. Today, Dobrev is a close friend of both Somerhalder and Reed.